wilted begonia

Lately the weather has been torture.  The heat is frying all of us and my poor little flowers have crispy edges and so does my creativity.  It’s hard to do much of anything when outside is a scorching 102 or 103 degrees,

Last saturday when I visited Walmart, which was nice and cool, I noticed they had flip flops for .99,  and my little brain started working.  I’ve been wanting to decorate and embellish flip flops for myself.  By the way, when I was growing up we called flip flops “zoris” or is it “zories” and I’m not sure when the name changed.  Does anybody remember that?

This is a great craft for kids.  I used washi tape and rhinestones, but you can use whatever you think will work, such as beads, ribbons, permanent markers, along with your favorite glue that works on rubber.

I will be ready for the 4th of July in my patriotic flip flops.


My youngest daughter kindly let me take a picture of her cute feet.🌺