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dahlia in dark

My dahlia at night time.💜❤️💜❤️


We are now having 100+ degree temperatures, so I think that means summer is here and this is where we will be spending our evenings, if it cools down enough.

Sitting enjoying our back yard is relaxing and gives us time to enjoy our surroundings.  The bird tweets and chirping of crickets is our music; of course hubby would like loud music from the radio, but I am partial to the sounds of nature.😃

We have a potted lemon grass plant to help combat the mosquitos.

lemon grass

Flowers are always a visual treat for us.


And of course we have our leaning tower of bird house.back yard view

Happy Father’s Day!❤️💜❤️💜

water fountain

Our water fountain was made into a planter. It’s one of my favorites spots in my garden. As we continue to pretty up my garden area I’ll share more photos of the different areas.

Have a great weekend.❤️💜❤️💜


My little garden is my special place, where I try to grow my little plants, but my plan is to put some whimsy into it.

Adding chickens and a little chicken coop is something hubby is making possible.

DSCN1516 No, they are not real, but it gives me a happy feeling.

We found some toadstools at a flea market which we painted white and red with white polka dots on top.  As we work in the garden we can take a rest on the toadstools.


Of course, the garden is still a place to work, pulling weeds or hubby taking care of his vegetable garden.



Even our little dog enjoys being our there as he always finds a cool place to take a rest.


Thank you for stopping by.♥♥♥♥




Love my multi colored morning glories.  Which color do you like best? ♥♥♥♥

Hubby loves wind chimes.  If it was up to him our house would be one big wind chime.  He received one last Christmas from our daughter Gina, which was still in its gift bag.

So, just yesterday, I searched for our tall ladder so that Gina could put it up on our tree. She climbed up very nervously, saying that maybe we should call Tyson (her tall husband). “No, no”, I said, “you can do it”.  Up, up she went as I held the ladder.


Now we have one more wind chime added to our collection. When it’s windy, the music they make sounds beautiful.  We have a nephew who dislikes them because  he thinks they make too much “noise”.

Well let me tell you, their music is so much better than the neighbor’s explicit language music which we heard for at least 5 hours last Saturday.  The neighbors are very nice, just not their music.

20160530_200332   20160530_201408


20160530_201222    20160530_200440

This is just a sample of our collection. We have many, many more!♥♥♥♥



This is a simple project to do with your grandkids, or by yourself, or in my case with my hubby.

Not much is needed, and would even make a cute gift.




  1. Ivy
  2. A pot with potting soil.
  3. Wire that’s easy enough to bend. I’m showing a wire hanger, but it was too hard for me to form into a heart with my little ole hands, so hubby found some wire in his work shop that was very pliable and then made the heart for me.  My heart came out very lopsided.   Just make sure to leave a good 3 to 4 inches at the bottom of the heart to insert into the soil.



4.  Place the ivy plants in the potting plant, then the heart.

5.  Carefully wind the ivy around the heart, you might have to fasten the ivy onto the wire so that it stays. I used string. Then watch the ivy grow and completely cover the wire.

The real fun begins now, because you can decorate the pot anyway you like.  Using stones, red bark or you can even make a little fairy garden.♥♥♥♥

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