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Hubby and I love to go to estate sales when we get the opportunity.  You never know what treasures can be found.

I have found vintage fabric, garden tools, pyrex bowls, which I happen to collect and Mexican pottery, (I also collect these).  Hubby usually looks for tools that he can use.

There is a feeling of sadness for me when we go to estate sales; I always think about the person or persons that owned the items on sale. I do make it a point to promise myself that I will try and take care of any item I buy.♥

Not long ago I found a scarf, which looked brand new, for $1.oo.  I quickly grabbed it knowing that I could use it some way or another.

Well, as you can see, I turned it into a poncho-like top to be worn over a camisole or nice tee top.

To start the process, I folded the scarf in half and then cut a hole at the top for my head to go through.

I then hand stitched a narrow hem around the opening for a finished look.

For the $1.oo that I paid, I’m thinking that I made a pretty good deal.♥♥♥♥






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