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I remember waking up and turning on the TV to watch Good Morning America . They were showing an airplane crashing into a building and because I was still trying to wake up, I thought it was a preview of a new movie.  And of course, tragically, it wasn’t.

I stayed glued to the television, watching and sometimes crying, and wondering why.

Many years later, we still wonder why some people are so evil.

There is no answer.

We still have to be on guard and still try to live our lives.

We will never forget that day, nor will the  innocent people whose lives were taken away from them be absent from our minds.


About the fabric:

I can’t remember if I bought this piece of fabric before or after 9-11.  But it was a small piece showing 3  or 4 different skylines.  I would always display it in the library on 9-11.







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