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Early this morning I took my usual morning walk through my garden to check if anything new was blooming.

I checked on the Morning Glories. One flower stood out from all the others.

The curvy edge of the flower was rimmed with the color red.  The reason for this coloration is unknown to me, but it was so pretty!

In the picture the color looks purple, but it was more of a red.


We transplanted this cactus about a month ago and likes the location so much that is has about 14 buds getting ready to bloom.

Cactus flowers are a treat to see, but they don’t last very long.

And as a show of support for the United States soccer team, I’m posting a picture of our grandkids, my hubby and myself, all ready to cheer next week.



Have a wonderful weekend.♥♥♥♥




My grandkids think this is a great treat and so simple to do.

I just freeze some Kool- Aid  pouches. When they’re frozen you  let them sit out for a while so that they can soften just a bit, enough to be eaten with a spoon, just like a snow cone.

The kids eat the frozen treat right out of the pouch, I ate it from a fancy cup.♥




Growing up in the 50’s and being very poor, Kool- Aid was the drink of choice. We loved all the colors (flavors). Yes, it is nothing but colored sugar water, but hey, we grew up ok, so please don’t  judge.

My brother and I had to work in the fields in the summer to earn enough  money for our school clothes. Our mom always made our lunch and always put Kool- Aid in for us.

Mom would get a pail and line it with newspapers and put some ice in, then more newspapers and more ice along with a glass jar full of our favorite flavor, covered with more newspapers.

We didn’t have an ice chest or a thermos, so this was our way of getting a cold drink.

At lunch time my brother and I would sit down under the grapevines to have our taquitos (burritos) and ice cold Kool- Aid.  We were in heaven at lunch time, but then, back to reality, to work in the hot, dry Fresno heat until our Dad picked us up at 4:30.

When we arrived back home, our Mom had dinner and more Kool-Aid waiting for us.  It was so good to be home, after being in the sun all day long.


Well, actually we were in Las Vegas. I’m not a gambler, but I love Vegas, it’s a city of many ethnicities walking side by side speaking in their different languages, French, German, Italian, Spanish, English,  Japanese, Chinese, so many that I can’t list all of them.

We’re all there to have fun in a city that offers bright lights, shows, beautiful casinos, good restaurants, fast food, you name, they have it.




The lights at night are amazing.



If you love  to shop this is the city for you, but you’ll need lots of money.




You should stop by the Bellagio and go to their conservatory, my favorite spot.  The garden scene is enchanting and changes 3 or 4 times a year, always out doing the previous scene.

The water show is sure to be a big hit with the kids and adults.



Our kids and grandkids made it a great Father’s Day weekend!



This is shirred fabric that I am using to make a sundress from.  Shirred meaning that it’s been gathered at the top and will stretch to fit your body.

All you have to do is get the right amount and then sew the one seam.

This is the easiest project ever for those that don’t sew, but wait until the fabric is on sale.

At my fabric store it was $24.00 a yard and I waited till it was half off.  Yes, I am a tight wad.

This will be my sundress for the summer, except that I will sew some straps on it. I’m a little too  young for the strapless look.



I have been waiting for my lovely daughters to come by so that they could model my last apron, but everyone has been so busy lately that I have to do the honors.


Since I am trying to build up my inventory I pinned another apron together.  This one is made from some of my old jeans.





I love my mannequin, I feel like I’m on Project Runway.♥♥♥♥





I was so ready to enjoy a few days away but felt anxious about my garden.  Last week we had extreme temperatures, one day  it was 109 and then we had a 106 on another day.   My poor plants looked so stressed out.

Right before we left I deep watered and hoped for the best.  Luckily the weather cooled the day we left and I felt a little better.

I couldn’t ask my kids to come and water, because we were all going to be together.

My sister-in-law who usually takes care of my garden while we’re away, lives across town and it’s hard for her to get a ride to our house, and she doesn’t drive.

We also have squirrels who have been stealing our tomatoes.  One day we had a good sized tomato and then the next day it had disappeared.

But I was surprised to see that mi jardin survived.

I came home to some red ripe tomatoes and a few zucchini.


I felt so relieved!

I quickly  harvested my bounty.

Thank you so much for stopping by.♥♥♥♥





I am taking a few days off from my blogging duties, but I’m leaving you a few garden pictures to enjoy.

The idea to grow my Morning Glories down from a hanging pot is from Pinterest.

The other pictures are of a butterfly which finally let me get a photo with its wings open.



Have a wonderful weekend!♥♥♥♥


RSCN4075 (1)

I’m thinking of bringing a more glamorous fanny pack back into fashion. Well,  at least for my personal use.

The clutch purse I made several months ago will be the one I use to make my fanny pack.





Years ago when hubby and I would travel we would quickly grab our fanny packs, especially when we went to Reno or Las Vegas.

I know that they’re not very fashionable and considered elderly wear, and a faux pas, but I’m here to bring it back into fashion for women.

Since we’ll be taking a little trip soon, I’m trying to make things a little easier for myself because my purse weighs at least 10 lbs. with all the junk I carry in it. My idea sounds good for me and hope some of you will think the same.

I found a metal chain belt that will be used to fasten around my waist holding the purse in place once I sew some belt loops on the inside of my clutch purse.

Finding what to wear it with will be fun.

Okay, I’m ready.







This is the second year that this plant/weed has decided to show up in our front flower bed. Hubby asked if he should take it out but I said no because I like the way it looks.

Is it a giant dandelion?

The puff balls are a least 4 inches big and the plant is about 3 to 4 feet tall.

According to google  it is called a Salsify and considered a plant. It’s  a vegetable root and also called Oyster plant or Vegetable plant.

I have no plans to harvest it, I just think it’s unique.♥♥♥♥






My second home is the library. It was such a delight to work in the library and get to handle the new books firsthand.

Recently I checked out Sweet and Simple Patchwork Gifts, which I recommend if you sew or quilt.


It’s a visual treat and has great ideas with good step by step instructions. The ideas are colorful and many are small items that won’t take long to make.

This is the finished pillow.


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