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Using our grandson’s old rain boots in our cacti garden.♥♥♥♥



This is a simple project to do with your grandkids, or by yourself, or in my case with my hubby.

Not much is needed, and would even make a cute gift.




  1. Ivy
  2. A pot with potting soil.
  3. Wire that’s easy enough to bend. I’m showing a wire hanger, but it was too hard for me to form into a heart with my little ole hands, so hubby found some wire in his work shop that was very pliable and then made the heart for me.  My heart came out very lopsided.   Just make sure to leave a good 3 to 4 inches at the bottom of the heart to insert into the soil.



4.  Place the ivy plants in the potting plant, then the heart.

5.  Carefully wind the ivy around the heart, you might have to fasten the ivy onto the wire so that it stays. I used string. Then watch the ivy grow and completely cover the wire.

The real fun begins now, because you can decorate the pot anyway you like.  Using stones, red bark or you can even make a little fairy garden.♥♥♥♥

imageMy giant dandelion.❤️❤️❤️❤️


Mr. Chunk eating my plants.❤️❤️❤️❤️


Spot the bee. ♥♥♥♥

strawberry pie

I hardly ever bake anymore because there’s only two of us now and we usually have to eat the whole shebang.

I’ve always wanted to make a strawberry pie, but only if it was super easy.

So I searched and found a recipe on the Mr. Food site.  It’s easy, tastes good and hubby liked it.

Besides being easy, the glaze is not overly sweet and it sets nicely, plus, when sliced the pie does not fall apart like some of the pies I’ve had.

slice of pie



1 cup sugar

1 cup water

3 tablespoons cornstarch

1/4 cup strawberry gelatin

5 cups fresh strawberries, halved.

1  (9-inch) pie crust ( I used a ready made crust)

Whipped cream or frozen whipped topping

  1. In a medium saucepan over medium heat, bring sugar, water, and cornstarch to a boil; cook 1 minute or until thickened, stirring constantly.
  2. Stir in gelatin until dissolved.  Remove from heat; let cool 8 to 10 minutes.
  3. Place strawberries in a large bowl and pour glaze over them. Toss gently until evenly coated, then spoon evenly into baked pie crust. Cover and chill 4 hours.  Serve with whipped cream or topping of your choice.

I know I’ll make this again!❤️❤️❤️❤️

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