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DSCN3255 First bloom for this dianthus.

We are having fantastic spring like weather, no I am not bragging, but we are enjoying this warmth.  Our old bones don’t like the cold. But this morning the weather people were saying there might be frost next week.  Ugh!

My snap peas are finally growing.


And guess who loves to eat them. A certain little Mr..  I let him have 2 beans, and he still wanted more.  “Enough,” I said, “I want some too!”  “But you don’t like them as much as I do,” he answered.

Never argue with little Mr., because he owns the last word.


Finally, I get a calla lily.


And this is my vicious cactus, which is one of my favorites.  You never want to get pricked by this one, it has  some long mean needles on it!



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