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DSCN2561         Feliz Navidad!                   

Two of my favorite blogs are Pioneer Woman and Susan Branch.  In fact I am a Mexican wanna be Pioneer Woman, so I guess I would go by the name of La Ranchera. In any case, I really would have some really big shoes to fill. I recently bought books that both ladies have written.  Pioneer Woman Cooks A Year of Holidays is a very helpful book full of easy recipes and easy instructions that also have  step by step pictures of the whole process, which is great for those of us that are “show me how to do it” kind of person. Also, Ree Drummond is not afraid to use a bottle of this, or a can of that, to make something a little easier.  One recipe I want to make on Christmas morning is baked French toast. Just saying that, makes my mouth water.

Another recipe of hers that I love to make, is the steak bites for breakfast, which are very tasty. This recipe is not in her new book, but if you look it up on her site, you can find it.  It’s also very simple to make and it adds variety to your breakfast table.



A Fine Romance by Susan Branch was somewhat of a disappointment at first glance. On her blog her pictures are always so crisp and bright that they  make you feel like you’re actually visiting with her. So as I looked through her book, I wasn’t getting the same feeling.  Maybe I was expecting a different look and she wanted her own special look, quaint is all I can think of.  Since I haven’t had time to read it I can’t say to much except, Susan Branch is such a talented lady that she certainly doesn’t have to worry about my opinion.  But I can’t wait for some quiet time to read it.


With all the rush and stress of roaming through the malls, and baking, wrapping, and decorating, it’s time to treat ourselves to a few minutes of solitude and goodies.


“No matter how busy you are, you must take time to make the other person feel important.”   Mary Kay Ash

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