Growing up Mexican means that you grow up with many cultural beliefs along with many home remedies for just about any ailment.

My mom had a favorite remedy, tea made from the yerba buena plant, also known as hierba buena.   This is one of my favorites as well, although I haven’t had it in years.

As I get older I find myself longing for all those remedies that were used frequently in our household. There were many times when I had a headache and she would say, “Ahorita te  hago yerba buena .” Meaning, I’ll make you some tea right now, and after awhile she would bring me a nice warm cup of mint tea.  Yum.


Sometimes I would have a tummy ache and again she would say,”Ahorita te hago yerba buena.”, and I would have another cup of tea for my tummy ache. Yummy.

When the monthly curse came once a month I would experience such painful cramps that the pain made me want to be a boy.  Again, my mom was ready with a cup of tea and truthfully, I don’t remember if it helped or not but it tasted really good and  I’m so thankful that I have that sweet memory of my mom who’s been gone for more than half a century.♥♥♥♥DSCN0683