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 I just wanted to share some pictures and hope you have a peaceful day!





DSCN2327                     DSCN2328




“I live in a landscape, which every single day of my life is enriching.”—Daniel Day-Lewis





Yes, I know it’s still early, but at least I’m waiting a little longer than the shopping malls.

It’s fast approaching and time to do just a few things. I made this wall hanging last year around this time, so I’m thinking of hanging it up today. The Christmas tree is surrounded by red beads sewn on by hand and then I strung some beads on some thread and used them as garlands for the tree.


Here’s a closer view.


This ribbon will be made into bows.  It’s 5 inches wide, that means I’ll have some pretty good sized bows to hang up.  The first bow I made has two loops and the other bow has four loops on it.  I’m not sure which one I will be making more of. When using a smaller sized ribbon I use five loops on each bow.

DSCN2268       DSCN2265     DSCN2276

Have a great weekend!.

“Christmas, my child, is love in action.”–  Dale Evans

Hola, Hello

I try to get a flag for each season or holiday.


My little ranchito is now wearing  it’s fall attire, all done up in yellows, browns, reds and oranges.  The last tree  is a Pecan tree, but we never get to eat a single one, because the squirrels take all of them.

The weather is getting cooler and I can smell the smoke from fireplaces.  Time for hot chocolate!

DSCN2199                        DSCN2206               DSCN2202

The other day, as I was showing my garden to my sister-in-law we saw something very strange. A humongous orange, at least I think it’s an orange.  This is how it looks next to one of our regular sized oranges. My husband thinks that the tree has been grafted, because some of the branches have leaves that are different from the others.  But it is strange looking!

DSCN2213    Yes, this is the humongous orange.  I’m anxious to cut it open, but I don’t think it will be edible.

Now, on to my project for this week, along with 3 others that I’m working on, is to make some place cards for our Thanksgiving dinner.  I printed out some free leaf patterns and cut  them out from felt.  I stitched two pieces together with a button hole stitch and then machine embroidered the name and year.

DSCN2217    DSCN2218     DSCN2221

I bought some felt stickers so the grandkids could have some fun putting them on the place cards.  Ok, 4 done, 8 more to sew!

Well, it’s another owl. My daughter asked me to make a white owl for a friend.  This is how I started.

DSCN2148     All the pieces I was going to use have been cut out and laid out.

.DSCN2152  Now, I start to sew them on.

DSCN2154 The eyes appear.

DSCN2159 Yes, now he’s got pupils, a tummy, nose and white feathers.

DSCN2161 Here he is after he’s been stuffed and all the pieces have been sewn on.  He quickly decided to go outside and perch on a tree branch.


DSCN2170   And then he met up with his best buddy, Mr. Full of Color

“The crow wished that everything was black, the owl, that everything was white”

William Blake

Growing up in the Vietnam War era made me realize what it means for someone you know to serve our country.  It was a time of being drafted into service, a time of draft dodgers, a time of anger, and fear.  We as young high school kids didn’t really understand why this was happening. Many friends went to war, some came back and some didn’t. Some returned and faced many emotional problems.  So we know all the fears and anxiety of todays service men.  Show them appreciation.

Just doing simple things can make Veterans feel appreciated.

1.Have your own little parade with your children doing the honors.

DSCN2138                        DSCN2139

2. Have a special place where they can relax.


3. A little flag showing respect for our country.


Simple things are the best.  It doesn’t take much to do something for them, after all they have offered their lives for our freedom and rights.


Bienvenidos amigos

Welcome my friends

Yesterday our hearts were sad.  We lost a nephew and he was laid to rest.  I always saw him with a smile and he’ll be missed, but his spirit is with us always.

Today I thought I’d post a few pictures of a vignette, that I’m trying to get just right, but I can’t seem to get the right combination of fall items that I have for my little bay window.

DSCN1960            DSCN2100           DSCN2097

This is hard, I’ll have to keep trying!

Transparent window clings are my favorite things to put on my windows.  The light comes right through them and the colors look so pretty.

DSCN2104                 DSCN2107

Have a great weekend!

Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.

Joseph Campbell

Soon the roses will all be gone, and the rose bushes will look so bare and ugly.  But look who is still showing off her beautiful color.


Sunday I did some gardening.  I was able to plant some bib lettuce and cauliflower, which my husband loves. I’m not too crazy about cauliflower or maybe cauliflower is not too crazy about me. And my snap peas are making progress.  This is so amazing to me because I have been a city girl all these years.  But living out here in the semi-country is such a pleasure, I just can’t get over it!

Here’s a peek at my garden.



And this is one of my favorite plants. It’s very unusual and the name is Serpents Blue Chalk Fingers, and it does look like it has many fingers.


The whole time I was in the garden, I felt like someone was keeping an eye on me. Yep, there he is on one of the tree branches.

DSCN2054       DSCN2060

I think he’s lonely and needs a partner.  He’s very simple to make with felt squares.  The internet has many free owl patterns that can be downloaded and it’s unbelievable  how many different colors the felt squares come in.

 “In every gardener there is a child who believes in The Seed Fairy”

Robert Brault

Happy November 1st.


Love my purple and yellow mums.

Many people are not aware that their public libraries offer many free programs, for children as well as for adults. The programs can be for crafts, for entertainment or they can be educational.

Before I retired from  the library I started a quilting program for our public.  Anyone could sign up, if interested, all they needed to bring was their supplies: fabric, scissors and thread, plus a needle. We meet once a month, the last Thursday of each month.

We hand sew the pieces together, but we can use the machine if we want to connect all the squares.

This was our first project. Not being a traditional quilter, it was quite a challenge for me, because my squares were not coming out all the same size. Trimming the squares was essential for uniformity and was very frustrating! We used the pattern called rail fence.

DSCN2001          DSCN2003

It’s not quite finished, I still need to sew on the binding.

Our new project will be something liked this.


The pattern is a little whacky, the cuts are not supposed to be all the same size and I’m not sure if I like it or not.  The colors that I will be using are pinks and greens, which I love, but they’re just not showing up with clarity in my picture.

Next is the apron I plan on making with dish towels and fabric.  I thought using terry dish towels would work well for wiping or drying hands, which for me would work great, since I am always using paper towels.  This would be a great way to save some trees!  And I’m not sure which fabric I’ll use.

DSCN2016   DSCN2012

Sewing mends the soul.

Unknown Author

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