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The little doll above is known as the Buddy Lee doll and this one belongs to my hubby. At one time it did have arms and a complete outfit. He doesn’t remember what happened to these items.  This doll is probably from the early 50’s and many people still collect them. Someday we hope to have it restored. This little man must be at least 58 years old.


Buddy Lee dolls were made by the Lee Co., jeans maker, starting in the 1920’s and used as a promotional item.

Of course everyone is familiar with Barbie. These are, I think, like trading cards. Our youngest daughter collected these in the early 90’s.

DSCN2891       DSCN2890

And yes, I still have an original Mary Wells record of My Guy, which I used to play over and over again. I loved that song!  This is what we listened to on our record players.


“I am more vintage than I am high fashion.”—Katerina Graham


This past weekend we traveled to the central coast of California.  We were in Ventura and Oxnard and I was pleasantly surprised with what there was to see.

Although we were there for a soccer tournament  we still had a chance to be tourists.  The Ventura Harbor Village offers quite a visual of  boats, large and small. This one was called the Dragon Lady.


Of course the little shops are full of pricey items . My favorite was a hat shop. I felt like Audrey Hepburn in this one.


This one was too orange for me, but still very pretty.


If you’re an outlet shopper you must go to the Camarrillo outlet center, which has over 100 stores, but be prepared, parking was a chore,  and I’m thinking you’ll need at least 2 days to visit all the shops.

Sadly, we ran out of time. So many things were left unseen;  maybe next time we’ll have more time.

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”—Confucius


When I first started “quilting”, I wanted to make quilts that looked like serapes. Serapes are so colorful and quite beautiful.

These are some that I made, and then put them in the closet and forgot about them. Well, I am getting the bug again to try and make a Mexican quilt. Except this time I will use premium fabric. These have faded with only one washing and have not even been used.

DSCN2850        DSCN2854

The turquoise one with the red rose in the center was my very first one that I made. I hand quilted it and enjoyed every minute of it.  Hand quilting is very relaxing. Now I can see that I needed more roses and they probably  should be bigger.


This one has  more of a southwestern look with more hand quilting.


You can’t see the thread that I used, but it was a metallic gold.


This last one is more of a strip quilt and I even put fringe on it.  Now, I would make the fringe different. There’s way to much of it, and it needs to be thinner.

“I like to think I’m a quilter.”—-Me


My duck quilt is slowly but surely coming along. I just need to  stitch around some of the ducks, and choose a border. This will be for a friend that is expecting a grand daughter.

Now for the past.

DSCN2812             DSCN2814

A big favorite for boys and men. This particular one came out in 1996.


Yes, they look kind of scary. My youngest daughter collected these in the  90’s. She had all sizes with different costumes.


Vintage Mexican pottery is very collectable.  I don’t have too many pieces, but I do collect them when I can get them for a good price, which is rare.

“Collecting is more than just buying objects.”—Eli Broad

About the only thing that makes me smile in the garden at this time of year is my yard art.  This one is my bugged-eyed friend and Mr. Cardinal.



My rooster is always on watch.  These and more keep me company when I’m enjoying the outdoors.


San Joaquin Valley of central California has been having some great weather, but unfortunately we are experiencing a drought. We don’t know yet what this will mean for us this spring and summer if this weather stays the same.  Will we be able have our gardens and our green grass? Hopefully. We need rain desperately!

My garden is a mess, so this morning I went out and did a little cleaning with hubby, which was nice ( but he tends to get a little bossy).

DSCN2791          DSCN2796   Ahh, much better!

And Miss face in the earth is wanting fresh rain on her face.


“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.”—Marcus Tullius Cicero


I’ve decided to make Friday my day to visit the past.

In 1977 the movie Star Wars came out and to this day is still very popular. My son had many of the Star War figures and I still have some  left over that the grandkids have played with so much  that their limbs  are  loose and ready to fall off.


How many of you remember these little people? Back in 1983  crazy people (like me) were standing in line to purchase the dolls? Yes, it was a wild time trying to get these little dolls. People fighting and arguing about their place in line. These dolls are still around today with much less hoopla.

And here’s the little pony ride that looks a little dangerous , but all my three kids used it and enjoyed it.  Now a days you would probably have to put a helmet on the babies. Back in the day it was a popular item.


And please don’t ask me why I still have these items, I just do.  Sometimes it hard for moms to let go!

“I once bought my kids a set of batteries for Christmas with a note on it saying, toys not included.”—Bernard Manning


Now a days  it’s so easy to just run out and buy a little gift for a teacher, loved one, partner, wife or husband.  What’s happened to our creativity?  Why can’t we just make a little something, after all, don’t we say, it’s the thought that counts?

So , I thought I would make a few suggestions. Today, I worked on little hearts, since Valentine’s day is around the corner. But if you don’t celebrate holidays it could be for any day that you wish to show your love or appreciation.

These are so easy to make.

1. Find a heart pattern.

2. Cut it out from your choice of fabric, I used felt.

3. Sew it, leaving a little space open to stuff it or you can sew it all around and then cut a little slit in the back and then stuff it, whichever is easier to do. I actually had to do this to one of them because I forgot to leave a little opening.

I made my hearts to look like the heart candy they sell around this time.  I chose felt in different colors and then stitched little sayings on them.

They  can be used as magnets, sachet packets, a heart garland, or simply a token of appreciation, I’m thinking a little rhinestone would look pretty on them. They don’t have to be perfect, because life is not perfect, right?

These would be a great craft for older kids to do as well using a big needle if they don’t know how to use a sewing machine.


DSCN2715                         DSCN2725


“We are all apprentices in a craft where no one becomes a master”—Ernest Hemingway


I’m excited to have gotten a Go!Baby fabric cutter for Christmas. All I need is a cutting mat for the dies and then I can start creating. I opted for the smaller version because usually I make lap quilts or baby quilts, so this should suit my needs perfectly. Since I am a cat owner and lover, I can’t wait to use the cat die and I know exactly what kind of fabric to use.  An animal print sounds good.


Right now, I’m working with ducks.  I don’t have a die for a duck, so I’m using my own little duck pattern, which looks just fine to me.





This will be a baby quilt, probably for a little girl, since it has lots of pink.

The ducks will all be different colors, plus I am stitching around the ducks with some #5  perle cotton thread which is pretty thick.

All the colors are all spring looking, a little like Easter colors.  Yes, I am ready for spring!

“True happiness comes from the joy of deeds well done, the zest of creating things.”—Antoine de Saint-Exupery  ♥♥♥♥



We were out most of the day and am still not feeling 100%, but I knew I had to get home and clean off my end table.  So, the above picture is what my table looked like yesterday and for the past 6 months.

Now this is what it will look like for the rest of the year, hopefully.


And this is actually very functional because I have my books, pen and pencils, a note pad and my clock. I also have a coaster under the vase for my water.  Ahh, much  better!

“This life is messy.”—Kenneth Robert Livingstone


Yes, it’s almost January 2, and I’m late in wishing a Happy New Year to everyone, but I’ve been sick and haven’t felt like doing much of anything.

But life must continue and I do hope all of you had a great New Year with good health and family.

For 6 days now we have  been eating, tamales, turkey, cookies, candy, monkey bread and my sister-in-law just brought us bunuelos , so guess what? I am really craving vegetables and fresh fruit!  I will start eating some mañana !

Also, one of my resolutions is to straighten up my end table in our bedroom .  Tomorrow  sounds good. This is what it looks like right now.

DSCN2634  Yes I know, it looks very messy, but tomorrow a new look! ♥

Beginnings are always messy.”–John Galsworthy

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