A few weeks ago a friend and I took a trip to Hearst Castle to view how the castle was decorated during Christmas.  It was a night tour and it turned out to be a beautiful night.


grounds hearst castle

When we arrived there was still daylight and since the castle is built on a hill you can see miles around, including the ocean which makes for a beautiful sight.

As we got closer to the time for the tour, the sky darkened, but the outside lights on the grounds were enough for us to see quite well.

In the Casa Grande, the main house, we were led to a large living room which had a beautiful huge decorated Christmas tree with many lights.  It was a beautiful sight!

xmas tree hearst

Part of the grand dining room table was set just as it would have been in that era.

grand dining

As we toured the castle there were actors playing the part of guests that were visiting the castle and dressed in period attire making it seem like we were watching life take place in those early 1920’s and 30’s.

The outside is just as beautiful as the inside of the castle.  Many statues and fountains from Europe adorn the grounds.

outside grounds


pool outside

There really is so much to know and learn about this beautiful house and the famous William Randolph Hearst and his famous guests that he entertained many times.

I have been to Hearst Castle several times and I  never tire of seeing this historical home and how privileged people lived in the early years of that century.

I wish all of you the most wonderful Christmas with your families.