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About the only thing that makes me smile in the garden at this time of year is my yard art.  This one is my bugged-eyed friend and Mr. Cardinal.



My rooster is always on watch.  These and more keep me company when I’m enjoying the outdoors.


San Joaquin Valley of central California has been having some great weather, but unfortunately we are experiencing a drought. We don’t know yet what this will mean for us this spring and summer if this weather stays the same.  Will we be able have our gardens and our green grass? Hopefully. We need rain desperately!

My garden is a mess, so this morning I went out and did a little cleaning with hubby, which was nice ( but he tends to get a little bossy).

DSCN2791          DSCN2796   Ahh, much better!

And Miss face in the earth is wanting fresh rain on her face.


“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.”—Marcus Tullius Cicero


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