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If you have signed up for Pinterest, you know that you can spend lots of time on the site, sometimes wasting your free time; unless you’re looking for ideas, then you don’t feel so guilty browsing and browsing.

I found this idea for a heart pillow on Pinterest and decided to try it.  This is a great idea since there is no sewing involved, so anyone can do this.

Using my old newspaper heart pattern, I cut out my fleece heart.

Then I cut  1 1/2 inch long strips along the edges, making sure the front and back are together at all times while you are cutting the strips.

Once the strips are cut, you begin to tie double knots all around the heart leaving a small section untied to stuff the pillow.

If I decide to make another pillow, I’ll cut the strips 2 inches long, making it easier to tie the knots.

Thanks for stopping by!♥♥♥♥


It does take a little patience to tie all the knots.♥




My dear friend’s father passed away recently.  She is so devastated by the loss.

He was her rock, her friend and she always smiled when she talked about him.

Her heart is full of sorrow, the wound so tender.

My words won’t make her feel better, it takes time, a long time to heal.

I wanted to do something for her, and all I could think of, was a heart shaped pillow that she could hug while watching  television, or just placing it in a special place.

I’m calling it a comfort pillow.

The pillow is made of squares sewn together.



Then I cut a heart pattern from newspaper. I used it to cut the heart shape from the squares.


I’m hoping this heart pillow will comfort her in a small way.♥♥♥♥


I love the look of shabby chic décor, but in my home I don’t have anything close to that particular look.

Sewing pillows has become a favorite pastime for me, so I decided to make some that had the shabby chic look.  They are “sew” easy to make.

The ruffles that I put on the pillows have raw edges so that they will fray with use and add more of a shabby appearance.

I’ve also made a few baby quilts with frayed edges.

A trip to the fabric store the other day gave me some more ideas on how to use my fabric.

The love I have for fabric makes me go a little wild when I purchase some, but it’s all used at the end for something.


Now, on to my next project.♥♥♥♥

What’s your favorite decorating style?




My second home is the library. It was such a delight to work in the library and get to handle the new books firsthand.

Recently I checked out Sweet and Simple Patchwork Gifts, which I recommend if you sew or quilt.


It’s a visual treat and has great ideas with good step by step instructions. The ideas are colorful and many are small items that won’t take long to make.

This is the finished pillow.


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I’ve had a friend for 59 years. Yes, it does seem almost unbelievable, but it is a friendship that gives me such a feeling of gratitude and one that I cherish.

This is a picture of my dear friend, Linda and myself from the sixties. Wow, so long ago.

Image (745x1024)


Linda, has always been the one that makes it a point to get in touch with  me because truthfully, I avoid the telephone as much as possible.

The telephone has never been my friend and I think it stems from being a telephone operator right after high school.

We both grew up in an old part of Fresno, California, known as Armenian Town. It was filled with old homes from the early 1900’s and earlier, most have all been torn down to make way for progress.

One well known past resident of Armenian Town was William Saroyan, the writer. Of  course this was way before our time.

My years in this neighborhood were my happiest.

When Linda’s mother passed away  she gave me some fabric that belonged to her mother.

There was one particular piece that Linda really liked and  asked me if I could make her a pillow or two from the material.  I said yes.

I was able to make three and made each one in a different style.

This became the square pillow.

DSCN3751And this became the round one.


DSCN3779                                  DSCN3771

And I had enough fabric  left over to make a small rectangular pillow.





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