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This post is dedicated to my grand kids and hope that they too will wonder about their past ancestors. Also, I want to include a blog buddy, who loves to use pictures as a way to express herself at

My father is the one standing in the middle, right behind his little brother.

This is the original photo, probably from 1911 and it always amazes me when I look at it and wonder what life was like back then. There are no smiles and I wonder why. I know that life was hard for my dad, he lost his mom not long after this picture. He worked very hard at an early age and he told me he started to smoke at the age of 12.

They have all passed on and taken their secrets and life stories with them.

Why didn’t I ask more questions about my grandparents.

They both passed away before I was even born.

I’m so fortunate to have this picture and another where my father is a toddler, but when the picture was taken, he turned his head and I can’t see his face. I wish so much I could see that little face.

I’ll continue with my genealogy and hope to find some answers. Somewhere, someone knows something and I need to find them.♥

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