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Our peach tree blossom.❤️💜❤️💜



1.20170220_155824      2.  20170220_160301

This is my new project, yes, I started a new project, again.

Please take a good look at the pattern in both pictures. I need help deciding which way to place the pattern.

Normally, it wouldn’t matter, but I would like to place a heart applique in the center of the quilt.

I really would enjoy hearing from any of you out there.

Thank you.♥♥♥♥




We are having rainstorm after rainstorm.  Water is flooding many areas, but California needed all those raindrops.♥♥♥♥


Or is it a kitchen towel?


Yep, it is a kitchen towel that  is so cute and would make a great gift for moms. It would also be a great item for craft shows.

I used the Simplicity pattern #8109. It’s very easy and I managed to make it easier for myself by using just one kitchen towel as the skirt front. The pattern asks for a front and back skirt.


The Pioneer Woman has coordinating kitchen towels that sell as a pack of two, and the colors are very pretty, so this is what I used for my little dress towel.  Just use your imagination and pair up any two that you prefer.

You’ll need some ribbon for ties to sew on each side of the towel, which I haven’t done yet.

This is fun sewing, because it’s like designing  your own little dress.



Christmas lights in Vegas, 2016.❤️💜❤️💜



It’s almost time for the most romantic day of the year.

  Valentine’s Day is just around  the corner, so I made myself a little floral gift.

This is very simple and easy to make.

You will just need a few items along with a glue gun and ribbon.


               You might even have a Mason jar in your kitchen just waiting for a make over.

I put some of the wire garland inside the container to add more color and to hide the stems.


Cutting the flower stems is a good idea, then you can arrange them into a little nosegay to fit in the jar. And don’t forget to make a bow for the front of the jar.


It looks great on my shelf in the bedroom.




Moth or Butterfly?


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