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This is what we enjoyed last week. It’s our very first tomato of the season and it was quite tasty.  There’s more to come later.



The gladiola has multiplied from last year so I now have many orange plants coming up and orange is really not my color, but they still look rich and gorgeous.



And because we have hot, dry weather here, a good choice for planting is the moss rose, which gives a small flower, but their colors are bright and cheerful.




My cat quilt has been ignored because I’ve had so many projects lately, but last night I worked on it and I’m afraid my sense of design has taken on a wild side. Not sure if this is even my style but I’m hoping  it will look fine once I finish it.





DSCN3301 Enjoying the view. (birds)

This is my cat that we’ve had for about 12 years. We think he is the one that is causing my wheezing. The other night I woke myself up because I was wheezing so loud.

But I will not give him up. My hubby bought him for me when I was going through a rough time. So he is here to stay!

I’ve had cats my whole life and I love them. I have one daughter that like cats and my other daughter and son don’t care a cat’s whisker for them.

I’m even starting a cat quilt.


This will be done in different shades of pink and gray.

And these cats watch me as I sew in my sewing room.

DSCN3303  (Sorry about the dirty window.)

Have a 😀 day!

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