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Excitement has been with me the past couple of days because my Morning Glory plant has given me some blooms.  I’ve wanted a plant for years now and this year I planted the seeds in a little flower bed that  hubby made especially for my most desired  plant.

I would watch the growth each morning, and yes, I know I’m sounding a little obsessed with this plant, but I have envisioned Morning Glories growing on the back fence in the garden area for a few years now.




It’s amazing to me that this old city girl can grow pretty flowers, because I am not a “real gardener, ” I am just a gardener by accident.

Although, I am learning by my mistakes and making corrections.♥♥♥♥





A few of years ago I was going to donate a cork bulletin board to Goodwill, but then an idea popped into my head.

Why not decoupage my grandkids photos on the board doing different activities?

I painted some green on the bottom half of the board for grass and the top with blue for the sky and added a few clouds. I chose some pictures, cut out the silhouette, and proceeded to use Mod Podge to glue the pictures on.

There was just one problem. I have 4 grandkids and only 3 were on the board.

I have been promising my youngest that I would put him on and time just got away from me.

Tomorrow I will surprise him with the addition.


If you’re artistic you could probably add flowers, pets, trees. Maybe on the next one I can try to be artistic.

Although I did add a kite and a balloon using scrapbook paper and some gold cord using the Mod Podge to glue them on.

A few hints when you decoupage:

1. Apply the Mod Podge to the back of the photo and then position it where you would like to have it and then proceed to cover the top using a brush.  The Mod Podge shows up white, but will dry clear.

2. Use craft paints for the board.

3. Let dry completely before touching.

I do want to mention that I used copies of the pictures, not the actual pictures.

This could be given as a gift as well, maybe showing fun that was had at a party.

Just have fun doing it!♥♥♥♥




This is the pinned version of the apron.


My sis-in-law has called me twice to check up on the progress of the apron that I promised her.

Shamefully I had to admit that I hadn’t even started yet.

So, yesterday I made it a sewing day, and sew I did.

It’s not that I didn’t want to work on it, I just had so many other projects to work on.

And viola! This is the finished apron. ♥♥♥

It’s  just a touch different


Now it’s time for more unfinished projects!


And from my mean, vicious cactus, a lovely little flower.




I’m sure we have all seen these three words on decorative plaques.  I finally bought one and put it in the eating area of our kitchen, so that each day I can read it and put those words into action.

We all have problems, sadness , worries, and have felt unloved many times. If we dwell on these negative things our lives become the things we think.

We feel alone.

Hubby accuses me of living in “The  World of Disney” but hey, if it keeps me going, then I’m in there for the  length of my precious time.  I have had many heartbreaking reality visits, so it’s nice to be able to escape at times.   If anyone cares to join me there is plenty of room.

So, taking a cue from this, we did have love, and laughed with our family at a Giants game in San Francisco this past weekend.  We  missed our son and daughter-in-law because of illness, but we had all our grand kids to keep us laughing.

In this picture our youngest daughter is not in the photo with  us because she was the photographer.

We cheered, we clapped, we sang, but the Giants still lost.

group pic at san fran


And I also live for my garden and my sewing.♥♥♥

My Moss roses are looking good!





And then I always have new projects that I enjoy making. This one is for my youngest daughter who likes purples, blues with a touch of black. The blocks are 12″ by 12″.








This week we will be taking a trip up north to watch the S. F. Giants.  This is a yearly thing that hubby and I do with the kids.

So, I’m preparing my outfit to wear to the game. All the fans get dressed up in the Giants shirts and colors of the team.  I don’t want to be the lone person without the team logo.


I cut the collar off and then cut strips all around the opening, and then strung orange beads on each strand, putting a knot at the end of the strand.




My grandson even made a bracelet with Giant’s colors for a friend.

It’s always exciting at these games, throngs of people, food galore and hopefully an exciting game.

Hola, hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day. Mine was spent with our kids and grandkids and turned out very lovely.  In the afternoon we just relaxed in our peaceful back yard.  We sat quietly for periods of time, just listening to the breeze, enjoying the coolness.  Every once in a while my daughter would say “Jake, stop that!” Jakey keeps us alert.



Yes, this is the new senorita.






I had mentioned to my daughter that I wanted to get a mannequin head a few months ago for my crafting.

So on Sunday as I started to open my Mother’s Day gift from her,she gently grabbed it back and said,”Wait Mom, you have to do this in order.” So the first box I opened was a hat, but she said I had to give it back to her. Now that confused me even more, I then opened the oddly shaped object wrapped in tissue and out she came.

She is a beauty even without hair

My daughter had included the hat  so that we could see what the senorita looked like with it on, because of her baldness.

Now I’m ready to design (make) hats, scarves, and necklaces for my new friend.♥♥♥




This is what we enjoyed last week. It’s our very first tomato of the season and it was quite tasty.  There’s more to come later.



The gladiola has multiplied from last year so I now have many orange plants coming up and orange is really not my color, but they still look rich and gorgeous.



And because we have hot, dry weather here, a good choice for planting is the moss rose, which gives a small flower, but their colors are bright and cheerful.




My cat quilt has been ignored because I’ve had so many projects lately, but last night I worked on it and I’m afraid my sense of design has taken on a wild side. Not sure if this is even my style but I’m hoping  it will look fine once I finish it.




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