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No, this is not my home. It belongs to our #1 (first born) daughter.

She is a very talented person and loves to decorate for the different holidays.  In fact, she is the one that should have a blog, but she says time is an issue.

So I’m borrowing her pictures so that I can post something pretty today, since my decorations consist only of vinyl heart stickers on my kitchen window.

Enjoy your day!♥♥♥♥






If you have signed up for Pinterest, you know that you can spend lots of time on the site, sometimes wasting your free time; unless you’re looking for ideas, then you don’t feel so guilty browsing and browsing.

I found this idea for a heart pillow on Pinterest and decided to try it.  This is a great idea since there is no sewing involved, so anyone can do this.

Using my old newspaper heart pattern, I cut out my fleece heart.

Then I cut  1 1/2 inch long strips along the edges, making sure the front and back are together at all times while you are cutting the strips.

Once the strips are cut, you begin to tie double knots all around the heart leaving a small section untied to stuff the pillow.

If I decide to make another pillow, I’ll cut the strips 2 inches long, making it easier to tie the knots.

Thanks for stopping by!♥♥♥♥


It does take a little patience to tie all the knots.♥



Now a days  it’s so easy to just run out and buy a little gift for a teacher, loved one, partner, wife or husband.  What’s happened to our creativity?  Why can’t we just make a little something, after all, don’t we say, it’s the thought that counts?

So , I thought I would make a few suggestions. Today, I worked on little hearts, since Valentine’s day is around the corner. But if you don’t celebrate holidays it could be for any day that you wish to show your love or appreciation.

These are so easy to make.

1. Find a heart pattern.

2. Cut it out from your choice of fabric, I used felt.

3. Sew it, leaving a little space open to stuff it or you can sew it all around and then cut a little slit in the back and then stuff it, whichever is easier to do. I actually had to do this to one of them because I forgot to leave a little opening.

I made my hearts to look like the heart candy they sell around this time.  I chose felt in different colors and then stitched little sayings on them.

They  can be used as magnets, sachet packets, a heart garland, or simply a token of appreciation, I’m thinking a little rhinestone would look pretty on them. They don’t have to be perfect, because life is not perfect, right?

These would be a great craft for older kids to do as well using a big needle if they don’t know how to use a sewing machine.


DSCN2715                         DSCN2725


“We are all apprentices in a craft where no one becomes a master”—Ernest Hemingway

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