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I wanted to make an Easter tree for the grand kids so I went looking for some twigs from our trees.

Some of the twigs  that I found were a little wild and as I proudly showed hubby, he said, “Well, maybe there are some better looking ones out there.”

But I wanted to use these whacky twigs, I didn’t want perfection. I wanted quirky.


This is another easy project for kids and parents to share.


I painted the twigs and then glued the Styrofoam in the basket.

Once the Styrofoam was set I placed the twig in the middle of the styrofoam and then proceeded to decorate by adding the grass and other little decorations that I bought.

And the tree came together.





Have a great weekend!♥♥






I thought I would share this blog post one more time. I hope that you have tried making these eggs, they’re really lots of fun to have on Easter. 

No, I’m not calling anyone a bad name.

This is another Mexican tradition that we follow every year during the Lenten season.

Many, many, years ago two of my sisters-in-law would make the most beautiful cascarones (confetti eggs). That was when I first learned to make them.

They can be fun to make for any  fiesta that you are planning, not just Easter and is a great family project.

The first step is to save empty  egg shells. I usually do this when making scrambled eggs or adding eggs to a batter.

Tap the egg shell at the top to make a little opening and then shake the egg out.  Make sure that you rinse the shell out.

Then the egg shells are dyed or decorated with stickers or marking pens, but the traditional way is to use Easter egg dyes.


You will need confetti to fill the empty egg shells. Confetti can be found at the craft store or you can make your own.


After the egg shells are filled with confetti you can cover the hole by putting some glue around the edge of the opening and placing a piece of tissue over the hole.


Kids love cascarones, they especially like to crack them over someones’s head, gently, sometimes not so gently. That’s the whole idea of the confetti eggs.

I do have a rule though, no cracking eggs inside the house. But somehow I still get confetti throughout the entire house.

I hope you give it a try.♥♥♥



I think leprechaun day is a good day to share our fairy garden.

The grandkids helped me make it last summer. They were all excited at the thought of helping to create one.

There are many ideas out there for fairy gardens, and it’s a great project for little ones with adult help.

We started out with a bird house and placed it on a little stand. We then built the walkway, made a little ladder leading up to the house, and hubby made a little bridge.



The children painted a mushroom with red paint and white polka dots.


There ‘s so much you can add to make it as elaborate as you would like. We kept it rather simple and rustic.


Don’t forget  miniature plants, or maybe some moss. Just have fun and let the kids come up with different ideas.


Then, just enjoy!♥♥


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