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This is my all time favorite book, because it holds a dear memory for me.♥

I remember being sick when I was about 8 years old. My mom and dad were going shopping for our toiletries at Longs Drug store. This was something they did every 2 weeks and I always went with them. This time, because of the flu I had to stay home.

My mom asked me,” Quieres que te compre algo?” I answered, “Si, mommy, quiero un libro, por favor.” She looked at me with annoyance, saying that she had no idea what book I wanted. You see, my parents could not speak English,  much less read in English, so, I simply told her to buy one with a pretty cover.

I was so anxious for them to get home so I could see the book my mom had chosen for me.

Well, I was the happiest, most delighted, and felt extremely  privileged to own my very first store bought book chosen by my mother. My love of books survives to this very day. And I still like books with pretty covers.♥♥♥


Back in November I talked about my winter garden. Well this is what it looks like today. Pathetic, right? It’s not really my fault.  The day after I planted, I went out to check on it and something had eaten most of my plants.


But I am grateful that I have 1 bib lettuce and 4 cauliflower plants to enjoy, if  that something does not eat those also. Plus my snap peas are growing and it won’t be long before our grandson comes along and plucks them off the plant to snack on. The blossoms are so pretty!

DSCN3162   DSCN3163

I do have to admit that after seeing my plants had been eaten, I was discouraged.

Country life is hard when dealing with all those critters out there,  but I’ll keep trying and hope for a better summer garden.

The rest of the cauliflower are hoping not to be eaten by something.


But, there is a bright side of things and that happens to be the spring weather we have been experiencing ( it’s actually raining right now, yay).

But yesterday was beautiful and my favorite tree looked gorgeous!


I know that many of you are dealing with harsh weather, and I truly sympathize,  but we Californians will have to suffer the consequences at a later date for all this gorgeous weather.






I am rebloggging my own post from last year.  

This is one of my favorite wall hangings that I’ve sewn and it’s almost time for our County fair, which comes in early October and hopefully I’ll get inspired by it to make something to enter again.




These are my four senoritas that were so much fun to dress and accessorize.  I entered this wall hanging into our district fair about 4 years ago, and I was so surprised when I won a first place ribbon and won a monetary amount of $7.00.  No, not very much but I didn’t care, I had a first place ribbon!



I have it hanging in our front room.



The sombrero was fun to make as well.♥♥♥♥


We always have piñatas at our family birthday parties, but I never knew the history on them, so I did some research. Turns out that it is believed the idea originated  in China, and then did some traveling through Europe, Spain and then finally to Mexico. It seems that several countries have a similar tradition. And we have Marco Polo to thank for introducing it to the world.

Well, that’s ok, it is our Mexican family tradition and we enjoy it.

So,we went searching for the perfect pinata the other day.



Our oldest grandson will be having a birthday celebration this week, so we picked him up and took him to the party store. He walked through the aisles, eyeing all the different characters  until he came upon the Angry Birds piñata and pointed to it saying this was the one.


So into the car it went!


Our family is very multicultural, so it’s really important for us to keep some of our traditions alive!♥♥♥


It sure does feel like it. Saturday was beautiful and there was a breeze that felt cool and fresh, so we took advantage of the weather  and did some planting in the garden. I’m excited about getting it in shape again.

We chose some English daisies, which are small and great for our hanging container.


I’ve never planted Lavender but finally bought some since they are frost resistant and the water needs are low. Hoping to get more lavender plants.


Blue Fescue is  drought resistant and does good in freezing weather. I’m thinking I’ll need more of those since the weather forecast doesn’t look too promising for rain.

And finally wanted to share some critters that are always showing up on our patio. I’m guessing they’re millipedes, and they creep me out!!



My mission for today is simple; I just want to make you smile. So please enjoy my pictures of my little pets.

My little spaghetti poodles have been with me for a while, but I no longer display them because I don’t have room for them.

These were popular in the 50’s and they come in different colors, pink, blue, white, and even black.

DSCN3043                     DSCN3041

The next one is blue, but my picture did not capture the color.



My last one, I caught outside enjoying the sun with her little puppies.


Enjoy your cup of love and share with those that you can’t be without! ♥♥♥


No, not I, but a friend of mine who is a great traditional quilter. ♥

She is almost finished with her quilt. Donna used the chevron pattern and is using Kaffe Fassett  fabric, who has the most beautiful and colorful fabrics available for quilters, and he’s quite an accomplished quilter, among other things.

The quilt is in all shades of pinks and quite lovely.♥

DSCN2928      DSCN2926

Donna was my volunteer quilt instructor when we had the quilters program at my library. It was because of Donna, that I made my railway fence quilt, which was quite a challenge for me, since I am not a traditional quilter.   I am one of those quilters that puts velvet with flannel together if I think it looks good.  But surprisingly , I was quite pleased with how my rail fence quilt turned out. Actually I’m ready to start another one with browns and beiges!


So, after many pictures of myself, I decided on this one. I would like to be entered in your giveaway.


This is for the selfie challenge at

I  heard someone say that you have a vision in your mind of what you think you look like, so you really are never satisfied with your image in pictures.  That is so true, because when my daughters take my picture and when I see the result I always say, that’s horrible and my daughters, say, Mom that’s what you look like!


Before I get to Back to the Past, I want to mention that the San Joaquin Valley of California finally had some wonderful rain. And we’re expecting more tonight.

I love the old blue mason jars.  They’re good to store buttons, or anything that you want to keep in order.  These were invented and patented in 1858 by a John Landis Mason. You can always find these at flea markets or antique shops.


Does anybody remember reading the Mary Engelbreit’s magazine, Home Companion? This was one of my favorites and I especially enjoyed looking at the paper dolls they published in the magazine, but unfortunately they stopped publication in 2009, when the economy started to effect all of us.  The pages were full of colorful design ideas and great ideas for decorating.

DSCN2930         DSCN2944

And who doesn’t remember Annette Funicello, of the Mickey Mouse Club of the 50’s?  I’m really dating myself with this one, but those were sweet innocent times. It’s my opinion that the 50’s was one of the greatest decades ever!

DSCN2945              DSCN2947

“I like vintage a lot.”–Kesha♥♥♥♥

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