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rose at night

My rose at night.❤️💜❤️💜

My rose beauties ♥♥♥♥





Because of the scorching heat we’ve  experienced and because of my neglect, my roses are looking sad.

The temperatures have finally dropped and I know that they will make another show of pretty roses.

But there are some plants that are doing well.  My dahlia is blooming again.



My vinca is a pretty pink.


The marigolds are happy as well.


A fun look at my marigolds using my new app.


Thank you you for stopping by.



I’m sure we have all seen these three words on decorative plaques.  I finally bought one and put it in the eating area of our kitchen, so that each day I can read it and put those words into action.

We all have problems, sadness , worries, and have felt unloved many times. If we dwell on these negative things our lives become the things we think.

We feel alone.

Hubby accuses me of living in “The  World of Disney” but hey, if it keeps me going, then I’m in there for the  length of my precious time.  I have had many heartbreaking reality visits, so it’s nice to be able to escape at times.   If anyone cares to join me there is plenty of room.

So, taking a cue from this, we did have love, and laughed with our family at a Giants game in San Francisco this past weekend.  We  missed our son and daughter-in-law because of illness, but we had all our grand kids to keep us laughing.

In this picture our youngest daughter is not in the photo with  us because she was the photographer.

We cheered, we clapped, we sang, but the Giants still lost.

group pic at san fran


And I also live for my garden and my sewing.♥♥♥

My Moss roses are looking good!





And then I always have new projects that I enjoy making. This one is for my youngest daughter who likes purples, blues with a touch of black. The blocks are 12″ by 12″.






When I first started “quilting”, I wanted to make quilts that looked like serapes. Serapes are so colorful and quite beautiful.

These are some that I made, and then put them in the closet and forgot about them. Well, I am getting the bug again to try and make a Mexican quilt. Except this time I will use premium fabric. These have faded with only one washing and have not even been used.

DSCN2850        DSCN2854

The turquoise one with the red rose in the center was my very first one that I made. I hand quilted it and enjoyed every minute of it.  Hand quilting is very relaxing. Now I can see that I needed more roses and they probably  should be bigger.


This one has  more of a southwestern look with more hand quilting.


You can’t see the thread that I used, but it was a metallic gold.


This last one is more of a strip quilt and I even put fringe on it.  Now, I would make the fringe different. There’s way to much of it, and it needs to be thinner.

“I like to think I’m a quilter.”—-Me

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