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Cambria flower.


We wanted to go on a little trip to the coast.

So hubby started to look for special deals.

He searched in the newspaper and voilá,  he found a coupon for the Cambria Pines Lodge, that also offered a free dinner entré with a complimentary bottle of their house wine. Yes, we are coupon clippers.

Cambria, Ca is the little seaside village we were traveling to, so off we went.

If you love gardens then this is your place.  There are many gardens on the grounds and each garden is separated by wooden gates.

As you walk through all the gardens you see many varieties of flowers and plants that offer peaceful settings.

I fell in love with the whole feeling of the resort.

There was a wishing well. Here’s hubby pretending to drink from the well.


Very unique birdhouses were scattered throughout the grounds.



They even had a bed in case you got tired.

DSCN0751We had a very nice time, but as usual good times come to an end and then it was time to go back home to our garden.

The dinner was delish and the wine was good, although I’m not much of a drinker.♥♥♥♥

I learned to sew as a little girl, making doll clothes by hand like my mom, except my work never looked like hers, with neat stitches that made the clothes look professionally sewn.

Although my daughters didn’t take up sewing, they’re talented in many other ways. So I’m trying to get my granddaughter interested in sewing.  I bought a new children’s sewing book to help her along.

She decided on a pillow project from the book.  We went shopping for fabric and she chose two bright colors, purple and lime green.

Here’s the finished pillow, I think she did a great job!



She has made a few items, including a very simple quilt top, using rectangles of different prints, which came out really cute.

It’s hard for sewing to compete with all the electronic apparatus that kids are using these days. ( my grandkids laugh when I use this word).   But I’ll keep trying to convince her that sewing is a fun hobby.


My barrel of mums.


We frequently visit a particular Mexican restaurant whenever hubby craves a bowl of pozole (a Mexican soup) and I usually  will order migas, (pieces of corn tortillas fried with scrambled eggs).

The waitress that serves us has always asked hubby how he’s doing since having his back surgery,  always encouraging him and telling him to be positive.

On our last visit she confided in us that she might have cancer in her lung. The doctors have found a suspicious spot on her lung. This is her second time facing this disease. This young woman has been depressed and worried.

We told her not to succumb to negative thoughts and hubby told her that I had gone through a breast cancer lumpectomy and am  now a survivor.

She listened as I told her that to get through the whole experience  I kept thinking about all the young children who have had to suffer through their own cancers living in their tiny little bodies, yet they seem to be brave and willing to fight like little warriors against this ugly sickness, not knowing what the future has in store for them.

When we finished our meal and were ready to leave she came over and gave us both a hug, and I think she felt a little better.

This little pillow will be for her and hope she knows that we are here to support her.♥♥♥♥


Same night.


Growing up Mexican means that you grow up with many cultural beliefs along with many home remedies for just about any ailment.

My mom had a favorite remedy, tea made from the yerba buena plant, also known as hierba buena.   This is one of my favorites as well, although I haven’t had it in years.

As I get older I find myself longing for all those remedies that were used frequently in our household. There were many times when I had a headache and she would say, “Ahorita te  hago yerba buena .” Meaning, I’ll make you some tea right now, and after awhile she would bring me a nice warm cup of mint tea.  Yum.


Sometimes I would have a tummy ache and again she would say,”Ahorita te hago yerba buena.”, and I would have another cup of tea for my tummy ache. Yummy.

When the monthly curse came once a month I would experience such painful cramps that the pain made me want to be a boy.  Again, my mom was ready with a cup of tea and truthfully, I don’t remember if it helped or not but it tasted really good and  I’m so thankful that I have that sweet memory of my mom who’s been gone for more than half a century.♥♥♥♥DSCN0683


Kern River,

Bakersfield, California

Today we will work in our garden.

Tomatoes need staking, and some weeding.

But first I just want to say I’m so pleased with all my flowers that keep popping up and giving us some beautiful visual rewards.

My Mexican Primrose makes for good picture taking, although very invasive.


The Lantana is growing strong and my butterfly bush will soon show us some color.


I’m amazed that my Hydrangea survived a whole year and is ready to show off it’s blooms.


Even the tender paddles of nopales are ready to be used in Mexican cooking, well, not by me, but my sister-in-law loves to come over and get some  to use in her cooking.


Enough talk, we have to get out there before the heat.♥♥♥♥

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