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I like to share this before Easter.

I thought I would share this blog post one more time. I hope that you have tried making these eggs, they’re really lots of fun to have on Easter. 

No, I’m not calling anyone a bad name.

This is another Mexican tradition that we follow every year during the Lenten season.

Many, many, years ago two of my sisters-in-law would make the most beautiful cascarones (confetti eggs). That was when I first learned to make them.

They can be fun to make for any  fiesta that you are planning, not just Easter and is a great family project.

The first step is to save empty  egg shells. I usually do this when making scrambled eggs or adding eggs to a batter.

Tap the egg shell at the top to make a little opening and then shake the egg out.  Make sure that you rinse the shell out.

Then the egg shells are dyed or decorated with stickers or marking pens, but the traditional way is to use Easter egg dyes.


You will need confetti to fill the empty egg shells. Confetti can be found at the craft store or you can make your own.


After the egg shells are filled with confetti you can cover the hole by putting some glue around the edge of the opening and placing a piece of tissue over the hole.


Kids love cascarones, they especially like to crack them over someones’s head, gently, sometimes not so gently. That’s the whole idea of the confetti eggs.

I do have a rule though, no cracking eggs inside the house. But somehow I still get confetti throughout the entire house.

I hope you give it a try.♥♥♥




Hope you had a great Easter.

Our Easter is always a fun time with family.  We always have great food and lots of fun with our confetti filled eggs, which make quite a mess.

This year our oldest daughter made a fruit pizza, that looked like a decorated Easter egg and was quite good.  She did a wonderful job of decorating the  pizza with all the different fruit.


fruit pizza

Our youngest daughter and her hubby made our favorite banana pudding.

And of course we had our annual egg decorating contest, which made all of us very competitive.  We asked our Facebook friends to vote for their favorite egg.

2 eggs decorated

And the first  place winner was:lamb 2017

the little lamb, done by our oldest daughter.

Second place winner was the:

2nd place

gumball egg, done by our youngest daughter.

Hope you can use some of these ideas for your next Easter celebration.💜💜❤️❤️


I have a dear friend whose mother is in her nineties and still going strong.  Her family keeps her busy with different activities.


This particular activity is fun for young and old alike and is something I’ve always wanted to do.

Gathering all the supplies that were needed they let their imagination do the work and created some lovely bonnets. 



And it looks like the little ones had lots of fun designing their very own.



The one thing to remember is to enjoy the process and not stress about competing  with all the others, unless you choose to make it a contest.


IMG_0575And here is the whole clan showing off their bonnets.♥♥♥♥

This activity would be great for Mother’s Day as well.

It’s always fun to decorate for Easter, but I do it especially for my grandkids.

20170330_152022 (1)


My oldest daughter also decorates her mantel for just about every season, and I always  look forward to seeing what she does.


And it’s always a Mexican tradition for cascarones, which are egg shells filled with confetti that you break over your relatives heads, gently.  Although the kids always get carried away and we have to try and avoid them in order not to get a concussion.DSCN3487 One year I made an Easter tree out of a tree branch.


More ideas to come. Thanks for visiting.♥♥♥♥


I’m doing a little bit of Easter decorating for my grandkids. They are getting older and I don’t know how much longer they’ll be interested in the decorations that I put up.

Two of my grandsons were delighted with the lego bunny set.

The lego set is super tiny, but not hard to put together.


DSCN0254These bunnies are ready with their chocolate carrots (they’re really mine to eat).

The eggs are paired with my favorite little bird.

DSCN0259Neighbors in the area enjoy celebrating in a big way. I like to drive by their house on holidays to see what they have on their lawn.


This little bunny will make a fun night light, as it lights up


Thank alll of you that visit my blog and have a wonderful family filled Easter.

May peace be with all of you.



In May  it will be one year since I retired.

Yes, I did retire because hubby was going to have back surgery , so I knew I would be very busy being a nurse for a few months.

Recovery has been going as expected and he’ getting along much better but still is under his doctor’s care.

So why haven’t I had time for the things I want to do? Maybe my time management skills are lacking in discipline.

This past week was such a time  taker.

Doctor visits,  preparing for Easter, cleaning house, shopping for groceries and  fun shopping, watering my garden, going to the movies with hubby. We had company over the weekend, coloring eggs with the grand kids, had all the kids over for Easter Sunday .  We ate, we played, had a treasure hunt, played softball, and argued with hubby.

The grandkids found their Easter treasure chest.




Such a busy week.

easter egg coloring



Well, on second thought, I guess I am using my time for things that I love doing and things that I have to do.♥♥♥

My family keeps me going, in a good way!




My youngest daughter called to see what I was doing last night. I told her I was making an Easter egg shaped hot pan pad (trivet), I couldn’t think of the correct name at the time. She asked why and that I should be making something that I actually needed.

Well, I do need pretty, little Easter egg shaped trivets, doesn’t everyone who celebrates Easter?♥

So, after  catching up on our activities and saying our goodnights, I continued on with my sewing, enjoying my creativity,  and thinking that if I had to sew utilitarian items for the family, well that would be work, and definitely would not be fun!

So, if you ever need to make Easter egg trivets, this is how I made them.


After sewing strips of scrap fabric together I cut out two eggs  for the front.

Then I cut out the backing and the batting.


I sewed all pieces together with right sides of fabric together leaving a little opening to turn it right side out and then you have your little trivet.  You’ll just need to sew the opening up and if you want you can stitch some decorative stitches on the eggs.


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