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This weekend was another one of those busy ones.

We managed an estate auction and yes, we bought “stuff”.  According to hubby it is “good stuff”. This was our very first one, quite interesting.

Another birthday party, our only granddaughter is a big  “11”.  Here they are doing a family tradition of sorts. We do treasure hunts.  They hunt for their party favors and the big kids (our grown children) write the clues. They’ve gotten quite imaginative in their clues.



In the process of doing these hunts, the little kids have learned to use a compass, so now they know their directions. They’ve learned to solve their clues as a group, helping each other.

Here they are searching for their next clue.

This would be great for adults as well.  Maybe searching for a bottle of wine, or a gift certificate, would sweeten the hunt.

But now it’s time to get busy and start sewing. My sister-in-law has asked me to make her an apron and I need your help.

I’ve pinned some aprons on my mannequin (Dorita) and can’t decide which one to make her.

This one  will be made from a recycled denim skirt with one pocket in the middle and trimmed with strawberry themed fabric.


The next one  will be made from dish towels and trimmed with turquoise fabric and another dish towel that looks like a bow attached to the front for wiping your hands.


They will look somewhat like the pictures, but I might change it up a little.

Please let me know in you comments, which you like. Your opinion is greatly appreciated.♥♥♥



Well I finally was able to work on my quilt. So here’s a peek at what I have accomplished.

Here’s another view with the grandkids holding it up for me so that I could get the picture taken.

All I need is to sew the binding down, and then the project will be completed.



Last year my granddaughter wanted to learn to sew.

She decided on a quilt, so I made it simple enough for her to try her hand at it.

It was made up of squares.

Many weeks later, she finally finished the quilt top. She did get frustrated at times, but did not give up. We were so proud of her.

Hope this will inspire some of you to give quilting a try.♥♥♥





In May  it will be one year since I retired.

Yes, I did retire because hubby was going to have back surgery , so I knew I would be very busy being a nurse for a few months.

Recovery has been going as expected and he’ getting along much better but still is under his doctor’s care.

So why haven’t I had time for the things I want to do? Maybe my time management skills are lacking in discipline.

This past week was such a time  taker.

Doctor visits,  preparing for Easter, cleaning house, shopping for groceries and  fun shopping, watering my garden, going to the movies with hubby. We had company over the weekend, coloring eggs with the grand kids, had all the kids over for Easter Sunday .  We ate, we played, had a treasure hunt, played softball, and argued with hubby.

The grandkids found their Easter treasure chest.




Such a busy week.

easter egg coloring



Well, on second thought, I guess I am using my time for things that I love doing and things that I have to do.♥♥♥

My family keeps me going, in a good way!




My youngest daughter called to see what I was doing last night. I told her I was making an Easter egg shaped hot pan pad (trivet), I couldn’t think of the correct name at the time. She asked why and that I should be making something that I actually needed.

Well, I do need pretty, little Easter egg shaped trivets, doesn’t everyone who celebrates Easter?♥

So, after  catching up on our activities and saying our goodnights, I continued on with my sewing, enjoying my creativity,  and thinking that if I had to sew utilitarian items for the family, well that would be work, and definitely would not be fun!

So, if you ever need to make Easter egg trivets, this is how I made them.


After sewing strips of scrap fabric together I cut out two eggs  for the front.

Then I cut out the backing and the batting.


I sewed all pieces together with right sides of fabric together leaving a little opening to turn it right side out and then you have your little trivet.  You’ll just need to sew the opening up and if you want you can stitch some decorative stitches on the eggs.



I wanted to make an Easter tree for the grand kids so I went looking for some twigs from our trees.

Some of the twigs  that I found were a little wild and as I proudly showed hubby, he said, “Well, maybe there are some better looking ones out there.”

But I wanted to use these whacky twigs, I didn’t want perfection. I wanted quirky.


This is another easy project for kids and parents to share.


I painted the twigs and then glued the Styrofoam in the basket.

Once the Styrofoam was set I placed the twig in the middle of the styrofoam and then proceeded to decorate by adding the grass and other little decorations that I bought.

And the tree came together.





Have a great weekend!♥♥





People say that if you meditate at least ten minutes a day you can relieve some of the stress in your life.

So last week after my morning walk I went into my garden to give it a try. I love my garden and thought this would be the perfect place.



How can you not meditate in a garden filled with flowers and their sweet fragrances and little birds flying back and forth,  so I went to sit on our bench at the end of the garden.

I closed my eyes, was very relaxed and started to meditate. I think I was meditating because I’m still not sure how it works. I tried clearing my mind of clutter.

I could still hear the birds and I could hear the buzzing of bees as they worked the flowers. It sounded so peaceful.

But after a few minutes a strong breeze came up and set the fish plaque, hanging  in the grandkids tree house to go off. The silly fish sings, “Don’t worry, be happy ” and then my hubbies big wind chime starts chiming, well, that  broke up the meditation session.


So I’m thinking a room with no distractions would work better than my garden filled with nature’s gifts.

♥♥DSCN3471 (1)♥♥




I thought I would share this blog post one more time. I hope that you have tried making these eggs, they’re really lots of fun to have on Easter. 

No, I’m not calling anyone a bad name.

This is another Mexican tradition that we follow every year during the Lenten season.

Many, many, years ago two of my sisters-in-law would make the most beautiful cascarones (confetti eggs). That was when I first learned to make them.

They can be fun to make for any  fiesta that you are planning, not just Easter and is a great family project.

The first step is to save empty  egg shells. I usually do this when making scrambled eggs or adding eggs to a batter.

Tap the egg shell at the top to make a little opening and then shake the egg out.  Make sure that you rinse the shell out.

Then the egg shells are dyed or decorated with stickers or marking pens, but the traditional way is to use Easter egg dyes.


You will need confetti to fill the empty egg shells. Confetti can be found at the craft store or you can make your own.


After the egg shells are filled with confetti you can cover the hole by putting some glue around the edge of the opening and placing a piece of tissue over the hole.


Kids love cascarones, they especially like to crack them over someones’s head, gently, sometimes not so gently. That’s the whole idea of the confetti eggs.

I do have a rule though, no cracking eggs inside the house. But somehow I still get confetti throughout the entire house.

I hope you give it a try.♥♥♥





I have finished some projects.

First of all, my grandsons projects were so easy to do. I made them some pillow cases with some of their favorite characters. Pillow cases aren’t such a creative idea, but I figured they would enjoy laying their little heads on Angry Birds and Lightning Mcqueen.

You don’t even need to use a pattern, just take one of your old pillow cases and take the measurements and add on a 5/8 seam allowance for the side seam and leave about 5 inches for the hem.  I used just a touch over 1 yard of material for each one.  Super fast and super easy!

This is a great project for mothers doing a room makeover. It’s always fun to add your own touches.

Little girls would love a girly pillow case.

I’ve also been experimenting with clutch purses. The pattern I used was a  kwick sew pattern which only has 2 pieces, and it was super easy as well. This clutch purse would be great for going out on a date and it’s easy enough to make several to go with different outfits!

DSCN3454     DSCN3458

The pattern gives you a choice of a finished seam or using a zig zag stitch to finish the edges. It does call for a serged edge, but I don’t have a serger, so I used a zig zag stitch. I’m still working on little handles and closures.

These are just practice ones, till I can make that perfect one.

In the future I hope to start an Etsy shop so I’m trying to find my little niche.

Have a sewful day.♥♥♥



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