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Monthly Archives: July 2014


I have not posted for about 2 weeks, because I’ve had a black cloud hanging over my head making me feel miserable.

I think I am coming out from under it. Slowly but surely.

My last project that I showed was a quilt panel, well it turned into a wall hanging. I just could not feel the quilt panel.

But these wall hanging are great for kids rooms. They’re fun to make, letting you use your imagination to design your own little scene.

It is about 35 inches wide, so I’m showing it in 2 pictures.

DSCN4272 DSCN4274

♥♥♥’s to my hubby for watching over me the last 2 weeks and also to my youngest daughter for coming home to cook a few meals.


There are times when reality gets overwhelming.

You’re getting too many lemons and you’re getting bloated from drinking all that lemonade.

What works for me is to creat a scene that makes me happy.

I created a panel for a quilt using my favorite colors and thinking like a child.

A child will usually draw a house, a tree and people. That’s what I did.
I’ll be adding more details as I work on it and drink my lemonade


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