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I have a dear friend whose mother is in her nineties and still going strong.  Her family keeps her busy with different activities.


This particular activity is fun for young and old alike and is something I’ve always wanted to do.

Gathering all the supplies that were needed they let their imagination do the work and created some lovely bonnets. 



And it looks like the little ones had lots of fun designing their very own.



The one thing to remember is to enjoy the process and not stress about competing  with all the others, unless you choose to make it a contest.


IMG_0575And here is the whole clan showing off their bonnets.♥♥♥♥

This activity would be great for Mother’s Day as well.


It’s always fun to decorate for Easter, but I do it especially for my grandkids.

20170330_152022 (1)


My oldest daughter also decorates her mantel for just about every season, and I always  look forward to seeing what she does.


And it’s always a Mexican tradition for cascarones, which are egg shells filled with confetti that you break over your relatives heads, gently.  Although the kids always get carried away and we have to try and avoid them in order not to get a concussion.DSCN3487 One year I made an Easter tree out of a tree branch.


More ideas to come. Thanks for visiting.♥♥♥♥


Or is it a kitchen towel?


Yep, it is a kitchen towel that  is so cute and would make a great gift for moms. It would also be a great item for craft shows.

I used the Simplicity pattern #8109. It’s very easy and I managed to make it easier for myself by using just one kitchen towel as the skirt front. The pattern asks for a front and back skirt.


The Pioneer Woman has coordinating kitchen towels that sell as a pack of two, and the colors are very pretty, so this is what I used for my little dress towel.  Just use your imagination and pair up any two that you prefer.

You’ll need some ribbon for ties to sew on each side of the towel, which I haven’t done yet.

This is fun sewing, because it’s like designing  your own little dress.




It’s almost time for the most romantic day of the year.

  Valentine’s Day is just around  the corner, so I made myself a little floral gift.

This is very simple and easy to make.

You will just need a few items along with a glue gun and ribbon.


               You might even have a Mason jar in your kitchen just waiting for a make over.

I put some of the wire garland inside the container to add more color and to hide the stems.


Cutting the flower stems is a good idea, then you can arrange them into a little nosegay to fit in the jar. And don’t forget to make a bow for the front of the jar.


It looks great on my shelf in the bedroom.




We have a family tradition of carving pumpkins just a few days before Halloween.  We don’t know how much longer we will be doing this because the grandkids are all growing up so fast. We treasure these gatherings as we do all our family time spent together.

Even our daughter and son-in-law wanted to show off their Jack-O-Lanterns.


Have fun and be safe tonight.♥♥♥♥




It seems to me that we have been very busy, and not quite sure with what, but I have had a little time to do some fun sewing.

Owls have been  my projects. I used a free pattern from the internet, i just can’t remember the site, plus I’ve made a few of my own little pattern pieces.

They’re easy and fun to do.

I’ve used fabric for the body and felt pieces for other body parts.

My first two owls were hug owls for two little girls that lost their mom to luekemia over the summer.  I just wanted them to smile a little bit when they saw them.2 owlsThese are the pattern pieces that I used.

20150916_133258Here is the totem pole my owls made.

20150928_151333I’ve used different print fabrics, Day of the Dead, Halloween and various of pinks and other colors for everyday decorations.

20150928_151616The whole purpose for sewing all these little creature is to enter a fall craft show, and although I haven’t had any luck in selling at these shows,  I will not give up until I sell at least one item!!!♥♥♥♥

water vase

Our youngest daughter got engaged last January on her birthday celebration.  We are all happy and excited that soon there will be a wedding.

We’ve decided on the venue, now we’re working on the centerpieces ourselves to save a little money.

Some supplies have been bought.


more flowers

And we thought we might need some bling.


Excited and eager we started to design, and came up with this.  Deciding that we would fill the vases with water and submersible lights.

glass w flowers

Needing more vases, we went to Walmart in search of more.  On our way to pay we saw some lanterns which made us think about changing our minds.

So to make a long story short, we bought the vases, returned the vases and decided on the lanterns.

gray lantern

white lanterns

White and gray lanterns will be used and will be filled with the purple-blue flowers.

Now, it’s back to the drawing board to come up with a little floral piece to go in the lanterns.


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