Back in November I talked about my winter garden. Well this is what it looks like today. Pathetic, right? It’s not really my fault.  The day after I planted, I went out to check on it and something had eaten most of my plants.


But I am grateful that I have 1 bib lettuce and 4 cauliflower plants to enjoy, if  that something does not eat those also. Plus my snap peas are growing and it won’t be long before our grandson comes along and plucks them off the plant to snack on. The blossoms are so pretty!

DSCN3162   DSCN3163

I do have to admit that after seeing my plants had been eaten, I was discouraged.

Country life is hard when dealing with all those critters out there,  but I’ll keep trying and hope for a better summer garden.

The rest of the cauliflower are hoping not to be eaten by something.


But, there is a bright side of things and that happens to be the spring weather we have been experiencing ( it’s actually raining right now, yay).

But yesterday was beautiful and my favorite tree looked gorgeous!


I know that many of you are dealing with harsh weather, and I truly sympathize,  but we Californians will have to suffer the consequences at a later date for all this gorgeous weather.