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morro bay fog

This past weekend our youngest daughter, two grandkids and myself escaped to the coast to get out of our Central Valley heat.

It really was our annual girl’s trip, but our oldest daughter was unable to make the trip, so her oldest son took her place.

When we arrived we were greeted with fog at Morro Bay.  Fog is my enemy because my hair  turns into one big ball of frizzy, fuzzy, uncontrollable big head of hair.

But at least it was cool and we were loving it.

The kids managed to do some boogie boarding the next day, which started with more fog but the sun finally appeared making a beautiful day at the beach.

boogie boarding

It looked like everyone from the valley had escaped to come to the beach.

avila beach

We enjoyed our little trip.  Here’s hoping we can do this again next year because it’s getting harder and harder to get together with the kids.



We are now having 100+ degree temperatures, so I think that means summer is here and this is where we will be spending our evenings, if it cools down enough.

Sitting enjoying our back yard is relaxing and gives us time to enjoy our surroundings.  The bird tweets and chirping of crickets is our music; of course hubby would like loud music from the radio, but I am partial to the sounds of nature.😃

We have a potted lemon grass plant to help combat the mosquitos.

lemon grass

Flowers are always a visual treat for us.


And of course we have our leaning tower of bird house.back yard view

Happy Father’s Day!❤️💜❤️💜

I’m trying hard not to be sad.  Summer is ending, autumn is in the air and the days grow shorter.

The grandkids are going back to school and they’re all a year older.  The oldest, 12, sounds like a 16 year old, our only granddaughter is getting more beautiful, the middle child, 9, is anxious to get to the double digits.  He’ll be 10 in September.  The youngest  will be a 1st grader and no longer needs to be picked up from school.  Life will go on.

Our summer was a whirlwind of activities.

Pre-summer we took the grandkids to Sacramento and they had lots of fun being together.  The train museum is a must if you visit.

Then we had a girls only weekend, my granddaughter, my youngest daughter, and myself.  We drove tho Morro Bay and were welcomed with some beautiful weather.  It was fun and relaxing.

The beach was littered with sand dollars and tiny little crabs hiding under the sand.

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