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I managed to finish a baby quilt that I started 2 years ago.  This little boy will finally get his “baby quilt”.

20170521_173248Like I’ve said many times, life does tend to keep you busy with unplanned illnesses or commitments that are unavoidable.

But I’m thinking this little great, great nephew of ours will still be able to enjoy his blanket.

20170521_180549 (2)I chose a Dalmatian print for the backing and binding. Plus I added a dog, that I traced along with a bone for him and machine embroidered them onto the quilt.

I have about 3 more baby quilts, along with one for my oldest daughter, plus one for my youngest daughter,  that would like one for her school fund raiser next year.   I’d  better get busy.



Finishing projects is always on my list, but life seems to keep me busy with other things.


This baby quilt was made from my pink stash that I wanted to use up.  It came out better than I thought it would.

I machine appliqued some flowers to add a little more interest.  The quilt is a gift for someone that lives far away….it’s a surprise.

20170409_171711_001And finally,  after many, many months, actually it took me over a year to finish my youngest daughter’s quilt.

20170409_172214Now, back to my sewing room to finish many more projects on my list.♥♥♥♥


Or is it a kitchen towel?


Yep, it is a kitchen towel that  is so cute and would make a great gift for moms. It would also be a great item for craft shows.

I used the Simplicity pattern #8109. It’s very easy and I managed to make it easier for myself by using just one kitchen towel as the skirt front. The pattern asks for a front and back skirt.


The Pioneer Woman has coordinating kitchen towels that sell as a pack of two, and the colors are very pretty, so this is what I used for my little dress towel.  Just use your imagination and pair up any two that you prefer.

You’ll need some ribbon for ties to sew on each side of the towel, which I haven’t done yet.

This is fun sewing, because it’s like designing  your own little dress.


I’ve been so busy with other things, that my sewing list has been neglected.

A new quilt is in the works for an ex-co-worker who had a baby girl about 4 weeks ago.


Sewing a new apron for my daughter-in-law is another project that needs to be done.  It might look like this.



Gina’s quilt is still laying on my table, unfinished.  Don’t worry Gina, I’ll get it done.

And a little baby boy is waiting for his quilt.


Also one of my sewing tables needs a skirt to hide all my clutter.

All of this will get done, but right now it’s time for my nap, so I’ll sew later.♥♥♥♥


20160417_191009 (1)

Sometimes you just have to stop working on a project that doesn’t feel right.

Last year I started a quilt for my youngest daughter, but the more I worked on it, the more I grew a dislike for it.

I didn’t want to give her something that I didn’t like, so I’m putting it in the unfinished projects box.

But, a new quilt is coming along, and I’m much happier with this one.

This quilt is so easy, made with strips of the different colors that she used in her wedding. I think she’ll like this one much better.

I really need to finish it soon, because I’m way behind in my sewing.♥♥♥♥

This is the old one, soon to be forgotten.





I’ve noticed that decorative pillows for football teams are not very girlie, so I decided to make one that would please the many women fans that root for their teams just as much as the men.


At the moment the Raiders are a big hit in the Central Valley, mainly because of Derek Carr having played for our own Fresno State College.

So, as I keep on sewing for my next craft show, this is what I came up with.  A little ribbon flower and some bling makes me want to hang it I my own home.

A little pillow that women can hang on the door knob, in their bedroom, or on the front door, or anywhere they wish to show their support for their team.

And while I was sewing, I also made a man pillow.

DSCN1157The other side of the pillow has the same fabric, but the placement is reversed.


I’m thinking I might become a raider fan. The last time I was a fan was when Jim Plunkett played for them, wow, such a long time ago.♥♥♥♥

If you need ideas for Halloween, then you came to the right place.

Our oldest daughter always looks forward to this time of year.  She loves decorating and never fails to come up with the best costume for the Halloween parties that they get invited too.

This was the year to be a chicken and her hubby was the KFC man.


One year they decided to be the stein carrying couple

She never fails to amaze us with her ideas.  This was my favorite, a piñata.


Her gum ball machine brought the tooth fairy to the rescue.


Snow cone, anyone?


Would you like a Barbie styling head?


I need to give credit to all our children, they all are  pretty darn creative and love to come up with fun ideas for dressing up.  I love their fun loving spirit!


Have a safe and fun Halloween.

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