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Like I said in my bio, I am just an ordinary person minding my own business and living my own little life. How would I get on a scammer’s list of possible victims. Do they just pick people from a brown paper bag? Do they research to see if you have a computer , or are a senior and vulnerable? Well, in any case, I got on their list.

The other day someone called (a woman) and proceeded to tell me that she was calling from Windows tech support and she wanted to let me know that my computer had been compromised by some very malicious person, and needed me to go to my computer so that she could help me fix the problem. This of course made me nervous and suspicious.   I told her I had a virus check on my computer and  she told me that this had nothing to do with a virus, but that it was a very harmful and  dangerous thing that they were doing to my computer. I was suspicious but at the same time wondered if she was being sincere.  As I listened to her talk, I could hear many voices in the background, making it sound like a call center. I then started to ask her questions. Where was she calling from, and what was her name and phone number? She gave me the name of Jane and said she was calling from Canada, and still insisted she was calling from Windows tech support.  I told her I could not get to my computer at the moment, but I would take down her number and give her a call back.

My husband was in the room so I explained to him what the call was about.  He said that we should call the Better Business Bureau and see if they knew anything about this type of call. The young lady that answered the phone said she would try and help me, but she sounded like a novice at this kind of question, but she did indeed try to find some information for me. After a few minutes of talking to her, a co-worker of hers, evidently could hear our conversation and told her that it was a scam and that the Windows people would not ever telephone you with this kind of problem.

Afterwards I felt a little silly for almost believing in this person, but she sounded so convincing and I was caught off guard. These people are vicious and have no shame  enticing innocent people to do harm to their lives.

If you go on the internet you’ll see that there are scams galore; internet scams, telephone scams, Craigslist scams, door to door scams, and the list goes on and on.  So who are we to trust? Is there a list showing us who we can trust?

Well, I’m thinking that if there is any doubt, no matter how small that doubt is, don’t do it!  Talk to someone first before you make that move.

I’ve strayed quite a bit from my agenda for this blog, but felt this needed to be posted to warn people again. Always listen to your heart first, not the greedy monsters that are after our innocence.

I would prefer even to fail with honor than to win by cheating


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