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Well, I’m all finished with Frida, so this morning I took her and entered my wall hanging into the fair exhibits.


I had so much fun trying to capture the essence of Frida, maybe not her looks, but her colorful way of life.

She will be viewed by hundreds of people, some will like her and some will not, but that’s ok, because I am pleased with the outcome.

I think I influenced my daughter and grandson to enter their projects as well.

My daughter had made the Mad Hatter’s hat into a donation box for the school play and decided to enter that. It’s a fun and unique project.

mad hatters hat

Our grandson loves to draw and he is quite good.  Since boys love drawing robot type figures, that’s what  his project was.


We hope our family members  and friends  will support us and visit the exhibits to view our projects.❤️💜❤️💜




I managed to finish a baby quilt that I started 2 years ago.  This little boy will finally get his “baby quilt”.

20170521_173248Like I’ve said many times, life does tend to keep you busy with unplanned illnesses or commitments that are unavoidable.

But I’m thinking this little great, great nephew of ours will still be able to enjoy his blanket.

20170521_180549 (2)I chose a Dalmatian print for the backing and binding. Plus I added a dog, that I traced along with a bone for him and machine embroidered them onto the quilt.

I have about 3 more baby quilts, along with one for my oldest daughter, plus one for my youngest daughter,  that would like one for her school fund raiser next year.   I’d  better get busy.



I’ve been so busy with other things, that my sewing list has been neglected.

A new quilt is in the works for an ex-co-worker who had a baby girl about 4 weeks ago.


Sewing a new apron for my daughter-in-law is another project that needs to be done.  It might look like this.



Gina’s quilt is still laying on my table, unfinished.  Don’t worry Gina, I’ll get it done.

And a little baby boy is waiting for his quilt.


Also one of my sewing tables needs a skirt to hide all my clutter.

All of this will get done, but right now it’s time for my nap, so I’ll sew later.♥♥♥♥


20160417_191009 (1)

Sometimes you just have to stop working on a project that doesn’t feel right.

Last year I started a quilt for my youngest daughter, but the more I worked on it, the more I grew a dislike for it.

I didn’t want to give her something that I didn’t like, so I’m putting it in the unfinished projects box.

But, a new quilt is coming along, and I’m much happier with this one.

This quilt is so easy, made with strips of the different colors that she used in her wedding. I think she’ll like this one much better.

I really need to finish it soon, because I’m way behind in my sewing.♥♥♥♥

This is the old one, soon to be forgotten.





Today we expecting more heat. Some weathercasters are predicting 109 degrees and others say 108.  Well, it really doesn’t matter because both numbers are hot.

house block

Staying inside today is my plan and I hope to get started on this little house block.  I’ve been wanting to make a block like this for the longest time.  I’m using some fabric from my stash, but I’ll probably change my mind when I get started.

fabric for houseThe house block is in a book that I checked out of the library and has several cute ideas.

quilt bookStay cool❤️❤️❤️❤️


Years ago I watched the movie, Stepmom, with Susan Sarandon.  If you’re familiar with the movie you know that the mom is dying of cancer and she decides to make a memory quilt for her children.  It was quite the tear jerker.

Well, I’m not dying but my wish is to make a quilt for my the grown kids as a remembrance of me, their mom.

I’ve made one for my son and daughter-in-law,  and now I’m working on one for my youngest daughter.


Her color is purple, so I have that down. The design is something I’m having doubts about.

She says she loves it, but I don’t know if she’s just saying that to make me happy.♥


Our tastes in things are miles apart. I like flower prints, she doesn’t, I like frills, she doesn’t, and so on…..

There’s more work to be done on this one, so hopefully at the end I’ll be pleased with it, if not, I will start all over again.

The next one will be for our oldest daughter.♥♥♥♥

Getting stressed.



My “too much pink” quilt has a new color added to it. Although I was pleased with the look of all pink, I felt a touch of yellow would put a little pop on it.

Little yellow ducks machine appliqued on the quilt also added a visual touch.

It’s pretty much finished, I just need the backing and simple quilting on the quilt top.

I wanted to share a favorite tool of mine that hubby gave to me.  It’s a magnetic tray that is used to hold nuts, screws and bolts for a handyman, but I’m using it as a  pin holder and works much better than the one I bought at the fabric store.

They  come in all sizes, but this one is just right for the sewing room.  The one on the bottom holds more pins and is  non skid . ♥♥♥♥




DSCN0061Now that I am a survivor I seem to be using a lot of pink. I have always liked pink and there is a good reason for making a pink quilt.

A former co-worker and his wife have just had a baby girl and because I have such a stash of pink fabric this is a good time to make good use of it.


The quilt might look something like this, or it may  look totally different depending on how creative I feel when I work on it.



This is what we enjoyed last week. It’s our very first tomato of the season and it was quite tasty.  There’s more to come later.



The gladiola has multiplied from last year so I now have many orange plants coming up and orange is really not my color, but they still look rich and gorgeous.



And because we have hot, dry weather here, a good choice for planting is the moss rose, which gives a small flower, but their colors are bright and cheerful.




My cat quilt has been ignored because I’ve had so many projects lately, but last night I worked on it and I’m afraid my sense of design has taken on a wild side. Not sure if this is even my style but I’m hoping  it will look fine once I finish it.






Well I finally was able to work on my quilt. So here’s a peek at what I have accomplished.

Here’s another view with the grandkids holding it up for me so that I could get the picture taken.

All I need is to sew the binding down, and then the project will be completed.



Last year my granddaughter wanted to learn to sew.

She decided on a quilt, so I made it simple enough for her to try her hand at it.

It was made up of squares.

Many weeks later, she finally finished the quilt top. She did get frustrated at times, but did not give up. We were so proud of her.

Hope this will inspire some of you to give quilting a try.♥♥♥



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