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When I first started “quilting”, I wanted to make quilts that looked like serapes. Serapes are so colorful and quite beautiful.

These are some that I made, and then put them in the closet and forgot about them. Well, I am getting the bug again to try and make a Mexican quilt. Except this time I will use premium fabric. These have faded with only one washing and have not even been used.

DSCN2850        DSCN2854

The turquoise one with the red rose in the center was my very first one that I made. I hand quilted it and enjoyed every minute of it.  Hand quilting is very relaxing. Now I can see that I needed more roses and they probably  should be bigger.


This one has  more of a southwestern look with more hand quilting.


You can’t see the thread that I used, but it was a metallic gold.


This last one is more of a strip quilt and I even put fringe on it.  Now, I would make the fringe different. There’s way to much of it, and it needs to be thinner.

“I like to think I’m a quilter.”—-Me

Happy November 1st.


Love my purple and yellow mums.

Many people are not aware that their public libraries offer many free programs, for children as well as for adults. The programs can be for crafts, for entertainment or they can be educational.

Before I retired from  the library I started a quilting program for our public.  Anyone could sign up, if interested, all they needed to bring was their supplies: fabric, scissors and thread, plus a needle. We meet once a month, the last Thursday of each month.

We hand sew the pieces together, but we can use the machine if we want to connect all the squares.

This was our first project. Not being a traditional quilter, it was quite a challenge for me, because my squares were not coming out all the same size. Trimming the squares was essential for uniformity and was very frustrating! We used the pattern called rail fence.

DSCN2001          DSCN2003

It’s not quite finished, I still need to sew on the binding.

Our new project will be something liked this.


The pattern is a little whacky, the cuts are not supposed to be all the same size and I’m not sure if I like it or not.  The colors that I will be using are pinks and greens, which I love, but they’re just not showing up with clarity in my picture.

Next is the apron I plan on making with dish towels and fabric.  I thought using terry dish towels would work well for wiping or drying hands, which for me would work great, since I am always using paper towels.  This would be a great way to save some trees!  And I’m not sure which fabric I’ll use.

DSCN2016   DSCN2012

Sewing mends the soul.

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