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My “too much pink” quilt has a new color added to it. Although I was pleased with the look of all pink, I felt a touch of yellow would put a little pop on it.

Little yellow ducks machine appliqued on the quilt also added a visual touch.

It’s pretty much finished, I just need the backing and simple quilting on the quilt top.

I wanted to share a favorite tool of mine that hubby gave to me.  It’s a magnetic tray that is used to hold nuts, screws and bolts for a handyman, but I’m using it as a  pin holder and works much better than the one I bought at the fabric store.

They  come in all sizes, but this one is just right for the sewing room.  The one on the bottom holds more pins and is  non skid . ♥♥♥♥




DSCN0061Now that I am a survivor I seem to be using a lot of pink. I have always liked pink and there is a good reason for making a pink quilt.

A former co-worker and his wife have just had a baby girl and because I have such a stash of pink fabric this is a good time to make good use of it.


The quilt might look something like this, or it may  look totally different depending on how creative I feel when I work on it.


DSCN3392 (2)Shades of pink for the day.



Hubby lost a sister to breast cancer. She was in her early thirties. Two young beautiful children were left motherless.

My own mother died of uterine cancer when I was a young teenager. It’s so hard growing up without a mother.

My dad had lung cancer and died from it. It still hurts.

A childhood friend died from liver cancer.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that we  have all experienced a sadness from this monster, known as cancer.

This month   is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Let’s give our support.

I’m going to try and do some sort of pink each post that I write  for the month of October to support all survivors and people who are affected not only by cancer but, illness, accidents, disease, abuse…..

We all need the support, whatever the reason.

Hope my little bear will make you smile.


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