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This will be my last post for a while.  A health issue has been presented to me and I need to address it.

My health and family need my attention at the moment.  Thank all of you that read my blog and I hope that I have given some inspiration and smiles to some of you.💝



Our son is a big fan of the Vikings football team. Every year he watches faithfully and hopes that they go all the way.

Earlier this year I made some pillow cases for our grandsons, which they really enjoyed, at that time our son hinted that he wanted a pillow case and rattled off many of his favorite teams.

It will be his birthday this weekend, so guess what he’s getting for his present. Yep. A Vikings pillow case.

He’s not a blog reader so I’m free to post this and not spoil the surprise.

I used one of my pillow cases as a pattern and only used  one yard of fabric. Sew sew simple!

We  love our favorite son!

By the way, how are the Vikings doing?




I have finished some projects.

First of all, my grandsons projects were so easy to do. I made them some pillow cases with some of their favorite characters. Pillow cases aren’t such a creative idea, but I figured they would enjoy laying their little heads on Angry Birds and Lightning Mcqueen.

You don’t even need to use a pattern, just take one of your old pillow cases and take the measurements and add on a 5/8 seam allowance for the side seam and leave about 5 inches for the hem.  I used just a touch over 1 yard of material for each one.  Super fast and super easy!

This is a great project for mothers doing a room makeover. It’s always fun to add your own touches.

Little girls would love a girly pillow case.

I’ve also been experimenting with clutch purses. The pattern I used was a  kwick sew pattern which only has 2 pieces, and it was super easy as well. This clutch purse would be great for going out on a date and it’s easy enough to make several to go with different outfits!

DSCN3454     DSCN3458

The pattern gives you a choice of a finished seam or using a zig zag stitch to finish the edges. It does call for a serged edge, but I don’t have a serger, so I used a zig zag stitch. I’m still working on little handles and closures.

These are just practice ones, till I can make that perfect one.

In the future I hope to start an Etsy shop so I’m trying to find my little niche.

Have a sewful day.♥♥♥



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