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Today we will work in our garden.

Tomatoes need staking, and some weeding.

But first I just want to say I’m so pleased with all my flowers that keep popping up and giving us some beautiful visual rewards.

My Mexican Primrose makes for good picture taking, although very invasive.


The Lantana is growing strong and my butterfly bush will soon show us some color.


I’m amazed that my Hydrangea survived a whole year and is ready to show off it’s blooms.


Even the tender paddles of nopales are ready to be used in Mexican cooking, well, not by me, but my sister-in-law loves to come over and get some  to use in her cooking.


Enough talk, we have to get out there before the heat.♥♥♥♥


My Sweet Broom.

Hubby recently bought a new puppy. He’s been wanting one for a long time.

Sunday we were working in the garden. I was planting and watering.

Spicee (our new puppy) decided he wanted to explore.  Unfortunately he found the standing water under my peach tree.  It was a really warm day so he plopped himself down in the water to cool down. He then he decided to roll himself in the dirt.

muddy spicee 003

Can you see his little head?

He he was enjoying it so much, but the rest of us were in shock.

muddy spicee 001

Well, what gets dirty, must get clean. His owner (hubby) took him to the hose for a quick rinse, a bath would come later.

muddy spicee 006

All good things must come to an end. He was put in his little playpen to dry off, and stay out of the mud.

muddy spicee 007

And this is Spicee admiring himself.♥♥♥♥


DSCN0071After the rain in my garden.






Because of the scorching heat we’ve  experienced and because of my neglect, my roses are looking sad.

The temperatures have finally dropped and I know that they will make another show of pretty roses.

But there are some plants that are doing well.  My dahlia is blooming again.



My vinca is a pretty pink.


The marigolds are happy as well.


A fun look at my marigolds using my new app.


Thank you you for stopping by.



Early this morning I took my usual morning walk through my garden to check if anything new was blooming.

I checked on the Morning Glories. One flower stood out from all the others.

The curvy edge of the flower was rimmed with the color red.  The reason for this coloration is unknown to me, but it was so pretty!

In the picture the color looks purple, but it was more of a red.


We transplanted this cactus about a month ago and likes the location so much that is has about 14 buds getting ready to bloom.

Cactus flowers are a treat to see, but they don’t last very long.

And as a show of support for the United States soccer team, I’m posting a picture of our grandkids, my hubby and myself, all ready to cheer next week.



Have a wonderful weekend.♥♥♥♥





I was so ready to enjoy a few days away but felt anxious about my garden.  Last week we had extreme temperatures, one day  it was 109 and then we had a 106 on another day.   My poor plants looked so stressed out.

Right before we left I deep watered and hoped for the best.  Luckily the weather cooled the day we left and I felt a little better.

I couldn’t ask my kids to come and water, because we were all going to be together.

My sister-in-law who usually takes care of my garden while we’re away, lives across town and it’s hard for her to get a ride to our house, and she doesn’t drive.

We also have squirrels who have been stealing our tomatoes.  One day we had a good sized tomato and then the next day it had disappeared.

But I was surprised to see that mi jardin survived.

I came home to some red ripe tomatoes and a few zucchini.


I felt so relieved!

I quickly  harvested my bounty.

Thank you so much for stopping by.♥♥♥♥





I am taking a few days off from my blogging duties, but I’m leaving you a few garden pictures to enjoy.

The idea to grow my Morning Glories down from a hanging pot is from Pinterest.

The other pictures are of a butterfly which finally let me get a photo with its wings open.



Have a wonderful weekend!♥♥♥♥


RSCN4075 (1)




This is the second year that this plant/weed has decided to show up in our front flower bed. Hubby asked if he should take it out but I said no because I like the way it looks.

Is it a giant dandelion?

The puff balls are a least 4 inches big and the plant is about 3 to 4 feet tall.

According to google  it is called a Salsify and considered a plant. It’s  a vegetable root and also called Oyster plant or Vegetable plant.

I have no plans to harvest it, I just think it’s unique.♥♥♥♥







Excitement has been with me the past couple of days because my Morning Glory plant has given me some blooms.  I’ve wanted a plant for years now and this year I planted the seeds in a little flower bed that  hubby made especially for my most desired  plant.

I would watch the growth each morning, and yes, I know I’m sounding a little obsessed with this plant, but I have envisioned Morning Glories growing on the back fence in the garden area for a few years now.




It’s amazing to me that this old city girl can grow pretty flowers, because I am not a “real gardener, ” I am just a gardener by accident.

Although, I am learning by my mistakes and making corrections.♥♥♥♥


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