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If you have signed up for Pinterest, you know that you can spend lots of time on the site, sometimes wasting your free time; unless you’re looking for ideas, then you don’t feel so guilty browsing and browsing.

I found this idea for a heart pillow on Pinterest and decided to try it.  This is a great idea since there is no sewing involved, so anyone can do this.

Using my old newspaper heart pattern, I cut out my fleece heart.

Then I cut  1 1/2 inch long strips along the edges, making sure the front and back are together at all times while you are cutting the strips.

Once the strips are cut, you begin to tie double knots all around the heart leaving a small section untied to stuff the pillow.

If I decide to make another pillow, I’ll cut the strips 2 inches long, making it easier to tie the knots.

Thanks for stopping by!♥♥♥♥


It does take a little patience to tie all the knots.♥




Now that we’ve had some rain, fog has come for a visit as well, so that means that it’s cold outside.

I went shopping at JoAnn’s last week and the women were stocking up on fleece, many were planning on making blankets and had 5 to 6 bolts of fleece in their carts.

Having not sewn with fleece I decided scarves would be a good beginning.

Fleece comes in so many patterns and colors that it’s hard to make a choice.

But I made up my mind and took a number to be helped.  The clerks were on no. 62 and I was no. 84, no not good at all, but I’m very patient.

With 1 yard of fabric I was able to make 2 scarves, and I still have some left over fabric, enough for one more.

Once I finished the first scarf, I decided to wear it, since we were going out on errands.

I was proud and thought it looked good with my black sweater. When I came out to the kitchen, hubby said, “Is it that cold outside?”

So much for making a fashion statement!




For the first scarf  I used:

3 pieces of 7″wide by 36″ long sewn together, making one big circular scarf

You can then cut the fringe on both sides, My fringe was 2 inches long


For the second scarf I used:

3 pieces of 6″ wide by 31″ long, do not sew into a circle.

Then you can cut the fringe at both ends, my fringe is 6 inches long, but you can do any size that you want.

It also depends on the width of the fleece, selvage to selvage, to decide how many pieces you need to sew together, if any at all.

I also used a finishing seem so that the seams would not be so bulky.♥♥♥♥

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