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This was my first try at making a little purse and was fun to make because I’m thinking my granddaughter will enjoy it. It’s cute for Valentine’s day or any day of the week.

 Here are the steps  to make it, in case anyone is willing to try.

1. Choose your fabric, I used felt rectangles, for both inside and outside, but would now use cotton fabric for the lining, since the felt,  along with the beaded trim made it hard to sew together.


2. Use a heart pattern, any size that will work for you. My heart was 7 1/4 inches wide and about the same for length.


3. Cut 2 pieces for the outside of the purse and 2 pieces for the lining and sew the pieces together on wrong sides leaving a little opening to turn inside out.

DSCN2880     DSCN2883

4. Trim is optional, but I wanted a beaded trim, so I basted it on the inside  of one of the finished sides and then put both sides together and sewed  on outer edge of the heart, but make sure you don’t sew the top because that will be the opening of the purse. And now you should have the body of the purse.

DSCN2888          DSCN2886

5. You will need to punch 2 holes on top of each heart to thread the cord through for the shoulder strap.  I also used eyelets for the punched holes to give the holes a more finished look

6. If you’d like you can embellish the purse, I used a felt flower that I made and added a button in the center of the flower.

And voila, you should have a cute purse to use or give as a gift.♥♥♥♥♥♥


“I never know what’s in my purse.”—Me ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥



Now a days  it’s so easy to just run out and buy a little gift for a teacher, loved one, partner, wife or husband.  What’s happened to our creativity?  Why can’t we just make a little something, after all, don’t we say, it’s the thought that counts?

So , I thought I would make a few suggestions. Today, I worked on little hearts, since Valentine’s day is around the corner. But if you don’t celebrate holidays it could be for any day that you wish to show your love or appreciation.

These are so easy to make.

1. Find a heart pattern.

2. Cut it out from your choice of fabric, I used felt.

3. Sew it, leaving a little space open to stuff it or you can sew it all around and then cut a little slit in the back and then stuff it, whichever is easier to do. I actually had to do this to one of them because I forgot to leave a little opening.

I made my hearts to look like the heart candy they sell around this time.  I chose felt in different colors and then stitched little sayings on them.

They  can be used as magnets, sachet packets, a heart garland, or simply a token of appreciation, I’m thinking a little rhinestone would look pretty on them. They don’t have to be perfect, because life is not perfect, right?

These would be a great craft for older kids to do as well using a big needle if they don’t know how to use a sewing machine.


DSCN2715                         DSCN2725


“We are all apprentices in a craft where no one becomes a master”—Ernest Hemingway

Hola, Hello

I try to get a flag for each season or holiday.


My little ranchito is now wearing  it’s fall attire, all done up in yellows, browns, reds and oranges.  The last tree  is a Pecan tree, but we never get to eat a single one, because the squirrels take all of them.

The weather is getting cooler and I can smell the smoke from fireplaces.  Time for hot chocolate!

DSCN2199                        DSCN2206               DSCN2202

The other day, as I was showing my garden to my sister-in-law we saw something very strange. A humongous orange, at least I think it’s an orange.  This is how it looks next to one of our regular sized oranges. My husband thinks that the tree has been grafted, because some of the branches have leaves that are different from the others.  But it is strange looking!

DSCN2213    Yes, this is the humongous orange.  I’m anxious to cut it open, but I don’t think it will be edible.

Now, on to my project for this week, along with 3 others that I’m working on, is to make some place cards for our Thanksgiving dinner.  I printed out some free leaf patterns and cut  them out from felt.  I stitched two pieces together with a button hole stitch and then machine embroidered the name and year.

DSCN2217    DSCN2218     DSCN2221

I bought some felt stickers so the grandkids could have some fun putting them on the place cards.  Ok, 4 done, 8 more to sew!

Well, it’s another owl. My daughter asked me to make a white owl for a friend.  This is how I started.

DSCN2148     All the pieces I was going to use have been cut out and laid out.

.DSCN2152  Now, I start to sew them on.

DSCN2154 The eyes appear.

DSCN2159 Yes, now he’s got pupils, a tummy, nose and white feathers.

DSCN2161 Here he is after he’s been stuffed and all the pieces have been sewn on.  He quickly decided to go outside and perch on a tree branch.


DSCN2170   And then he met up with his best buddy, Mr. Full of Color

“The crow wished that everything was black, the owl, that everything was white”

William Blake

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