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This month has been such a busy time for me.  My poor blog has been neglected once again because of life.

I’ve had 2 craft shows; one was a big flop while the other was  a touch better.

#1 craft show


So I’ve been sewing when I get the chance.

We had Thanksgiving with all family members in attendance. This was our table setting .  The picture was taken by our eldest daughter

table setting thanksgiving

This year our son’s birthday fell on Thanksgiving day and our son-in-law’s birthday was the week before.

The following day my hubby and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary.

50th anniversary

Wow, I still have a problem accepting that fact.

I started this post in November and I am finishing it in December, because I just had another craft show over the weekend  and am happy to report it was a success!





Yep, I am now 70 years old. This seems so amazing to me and I keep wondering where all that time disappeared to.

But I was rewarded with a fun fiesta from my family. They went all out for this occasion.

First I got a dance floor. It was a beautiful setting.


A beautiful cake with Frida Kahlo on it.

frida cake

The best decorations anyone could ask for and great food and goodies, like these little sombreros made from sugar cookies.

sombrero cookies

Gifts are also fun to receive. The most precious was receiving a picture of my mom that I had no idea existed. A life long friend who is in the picture found it and gave me a copy.   I’m thinking it was taken in 1953 or 1954 in front of our old courthouse.

my mom

My family is always so supportive and loving that my heart is full of contentment.


Happy New Year!💜❤️💜❤️



No, not like the movie, but a fun trip with two daughters, a granddaughter and myself.

We laughed at silly things that probably no one else would laugh at.  We teased each other without getting mad, and we shared one bathroom without yelling at one another.

Every girl needs a trip like this.

We visited Mission Santa Barbara, which was beautiful and full of California history.

santa barbara mission


The beaches were lovely.  We watched the sunset at Ventura Beach.

sunset ventura be



In downtown Santa Barbara we tasted a new food, Goa tacos, which were different from what we are familiar with, but were very tasty.

On one afternoon we managed to beat everyone else to the spa at our hotel.


And because we had such a successful trip, we celebrated by treating ourselves to some yummy ice cream treats.

ice cream treatIf you’re ever in Bakersfield, California, you’ll need to visit Rosemary’s Ice Cream Shop in the downtown area.

Next year, same time, different place.💗💜💗💜



A couple of years ago I bought myself a coffee mug with the image of Wonder Woman on it.



I think is was our son who asked why I had bought the mug.  My answer came quickly, ” I bought it to remind myself that I no longer am as strong as I used to be.”   Energy, strength, the will to keep on going the whole day, has now diminished.  Nope I am no longer the Wonder Woman I once was.

Now at 69 years of age, I think of myself as a tea cup.  If I’m busy all morning,  I need that nap to power up for later.



I can’t stand our sizzling heat in the summer, the cold all but numbs me.

Even our little shih tzu seems too heavy to lift sometimes.

But don’t get me wrong,  I can still muster up plenty of strength if needed.

Being a tea cup is not a bad thing.♥♥♥♥

DSCN1233 (1)


Mi Ranchito is still getting dressed for the big day, Christmas, a day we start off by having our grandkids sing happy birthday to baby Jesus.





All the kids come over for the day and we stay in our pj’s most of the time, enjoying the grandkids as they get excited over their gifts and eating many tamales ( that we order) and cookies made by our daughter, Nicole.



Hubby likes to turn our pellet stove on and soon we have everyone complaining about how hot it is. Our son and son-in-law  have to sneak out for some fresh cold air.

Yes, that’s what it’s all about. Being thankful to our Lord for blessing us with so much; family, love, health, friendship, all of which are the most precious things in life

We wish all of you a happy, family filled Christmas Day!♥♥♥♥



I’m sure we have all seen these three words on decorative plaques.  I finally bought one and put it in the eating area of our kitchen, so that each day I can read it and put those words into action.

We all have problems, sadness , worries, and have felt unloved many times. If we dwell on these negative things our lives become the things we think.

We feel alone.

Hubby accuses me of living in “The  World of Disney” but hey, if it keeps me going, then I’m in there for the  length of my precious time.  I have had many heartbreaking reality visits, so it’s nice to be able to escape at times.   If anyone cares to join me there is plenty of room.

So, taking a cue from this, we did have love, and laughed with our family at a Giants game in San Francisco this past weekend.  We  missed our son and daughter-in-law because of illness, but we had all our grand kids to keep us laughing.

In this picture our youngest daughter is not in the photo with  us because she was the photographer.

We cheered, we clapped, we sang, but the Giants still lost.

group pic at san fran


And I also live for my garden and my sewing.♥♥♥

My Moss roses are looking good!





And then I always have new projects that I enjoy making. This one is for my youngest daughter who likes purples, blues with a touch of black. The blocks are 12″ by 12″.





It’s been a busy week. Trying to keep up with news about our nephew who is very sick;  we’re praying for his recovery.  Also, I had my grandkids over on Wednesday after school, tried to do some crafts, sewing, gardening, and cooking.  Just writing about it makes me tired.  I don’t even have time to put make-up on anymore. If I have errands, I go with my hair flying all over, put my sweats on and  off I go!


But I do want to show you my “In memory of,” quilted wall hanging that I am making for our niece, who lost her baby at childbirth.  I mentioned this last week in one of my posts.  Much work still has to be done, but wanted to give you a sneak peek.

My meaning for the  wall hanging is that the family home is being rained upon with hearts being sent down from above, (heaven), by their little baby girl. I don’t know how the baby will be represented yet, I’m still debating on that.  If anyone has any ideas, I’d love to hear them. Here’s another view.


Love begins by taking care of the closest ones–the ones at home.

Mother  Teresa

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