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My daughter recently gifted me some fairy garden items, which I am excited about.

Our lawn maintenance crew have totally destroyed my old fairy garden.

They have broken several little pieces of furniture that I had purchased and  they have blown away or toppled many pieces with their leaf blower, which probably felt like a tornado to the little people.

I’m using an old plastic sand box that my grand children played with when they were little.

I filled it with some dirt and potting soil and then planted a few plants; white star creeper and a succulent.



My favorite item is the little tire swing; the grandkids love to swing on the ones hubby made for them on our ranchito.


It needs a few more items but I’ll add gradually because I’m sure the grandkids will make suggestions.

I love adding different projects to the garden, it keeps me young at heart and keeps my imagination alive.

I’m not quite finished with this little garden but I’ll update with pictures when I’m finally done.♥♥♥♥


I think leprechaun day is a good day to share our fairy garden.

The grandkids helped me make it last summer. They were all excited at the thought of helping to create one.

There are many ideas out there for fairy gardens, and it’s a great project for little ones with adult help.

We started out with a bird house and placed it on a little stand. We then built the walkway, made a little ladder leading up to the house, and hubby made a little bridge.



The children painted a mushroom with red paint and white polka dots.


There ‘s so much you can add to make it as elaborate as you would like. We kept it rather simple and rustic.


Don’t forget  miniature plants, or maybe some moss. Just have fun and let the kids come up with different ideas.


Then, just enjoy!♥♥


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