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duck in pipe 001

Our oldest grandson, Garrett, took this great picture, so I had to share.

We took a trip with the 4 grandkids to Sacramento and happened to be dining at a restaurant by the Sacramento River, when our grandson noticed that the duck would pop up and then hide.  Garrett managed to snap the picture just at the right time.

I kept trying to catch  the duck as he popped up, but he was to fast for me.♥♥♥♥



This is the way it starts. I’m using the rail fence pattern again. Someone in the family will be getting this for Christmas. I don’t care if you don’t like the colors or the pattern or the style. Someone in the family will get it. Surprise!


It’s starting to have a rustic look, or maybe it’s just the background. Our poor avocado tree on the left was zapped by the frost back in early December.


It’s going to have one more panel of the strips and then I’ll do something different.

Also, here is an update on my baby duck quilt. It’s finally finished. Yesterday I tried calling my friend to tell her, but there was no answer, I’m thinking the  baby girl has arrived and my friend has gone up north to help out.



My duck quilt is slowly but surely coming along. I just need to  stitch around some of the ducks, and choose a border. This will be for a friend that is expecting a grand daughter.

Now for the past.

DSCN2812             DSCN2814

A big favorite for boys and men. This particular one came out in 1996.


Yes, they look kind of scary. My youngest daughter collected these in the  90’s. She had all sizes with different costumes.


Vintage Mexican pottery is very collectable.  I don’t have too many pieces, but I do collect them when I can get them for a good price, which is rare.

“Collecting is more than just buying objects.”—Eli Broad


I’m excited to have gotten a Go!Baby fabric cutter for Christmas. All I need is a cutting mat for the dies and then I can start creating. I opted for the smaller version because usually I make lap quilts or baby quilts, so this should suit my needs perfectly. Since I am a cat owner and lover, I can’t wait to use the cat die and I know exactly what kind of fabric to use.  An animal print sounds good.


Right now, I’m working with ducks.  I don’t have a die for a duck, so I’m using my own little duck pattern, which looks just fine to me.





This will be a baby quilt, probably for a little girl, since it has lots of pink.

The ducks will all be different colors, plus I am stitching around the ducks with some #5  perle cotton thread which is pretty thick.

All the colors are all spring looking, a little like Easter colors.  Yes, I am ready for spring!

“True happiness comes from the joy of deeds well done, the zest of creating things.”—Antoine de Saint-Exupery  ♥♥♥♥


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