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dinkey 2 2018

This is where we usually go to spend some time while camping, it’s called Dinkey Creek.  It’s been my favorite spot for many years and my family shares my love for it.

I love the picture because of the reflection of the sky in the water.

The water was very cold but that didn’t stop us from getting in.

dinkey 2018

Standing on a bridge that runs over the creek I took this picture of the grandkids enjoying the icy water.

One of the favorite attractions at Dinkey Creek is the natural rock slide that kids as well as adults love sliding  down into the clear water at the bottom.

dinkey rock slide.

I can’t wait till next summer!





We decided to rent a cabin up in the Sierra Nevada forest and invite the kids and family.

As we climbed up the freeway leading up to the forest, I was saddened by what I saw.



Many trees are brown and dry from the long California drought. Once, the trees were all green, and now you see so many dead trees.

We hadn’t been up there for about 2 years; what a difference from what we were accustomed too.

It was no wonder why the realtor had said, “Absolutely no campfires.”, which meant no roasting marshmallows ; I guess we would have to microwave our s’mores.





So sad, but we still enjoyed ourselves in much cooler temperatures with our family. Hubby’s sister and our niece went up to visit for an overnight stay.

Some of us went fishing, or sat on the deck playing board games and cards, and we managed to go to our favorite swimming hole.



fran and jak fishing

The end of summer.♥♥♥♥

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