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baby pigeon

Baby dove has been wandering in our garden from one spot to another all by itself.  I did see one of the parents once, and my hubby has seen both parents once or twice.

It doesn’t look like it can fly yet, but I hope it learns quick, because many stray cats and other creatures visit our ranchito.  A few weeks back we had a family of coyotes living under our storage shed.



duck in pipe 001

Our oldest grandson, Garrett, took this great picture, so I had to share.

We took a trip with the 4 grandkids to Sacramento and happened to be dining at a restaurant by the Sacramento River, when our grandson noticed that the duck would pop up and then hide.  Garrett managed to snap the picture just at the right time.

I kept trying to catch  the duck as he popped up, but he was to fast for me.♥♥♥♥

buzzardThe scavengers.


Staff meeting.

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