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Growing up we never celebrated Dia de los Muertos.  I don’t remember my Mom ever saying anything about this day, which is becoming very popular in the United States, especially in my California. This celebration comes from Mexico, which is a holiday in that country.

Dia de los Muertos is a day to honor all of those that are no longer with us physically.

Hubby and I never understood all the skulls and skeletons in the Mexican gift shops when we were first married, we thought it was macabre. I am so glad I understand now.

I had time to sew several clutch purses with that theme, these are just a few.

I used Kwik Sew pattern #3700.


I was able to find a skeleton head button.

DSCN1139DSCN1134An apron to cook on that day is almost ready.

DSCN1150November 1st is when it will be celebrated by many to remember their loved ones.♥♥♥♥




Yes, the year went by fast and it’s been fun posting and meeting some nice people that share their thoughts and are very sincere with their feelings.

Many times I wanted to quit because my followers were almost non- existent. I wondered what I was doing wrong. What was that special thing that I needed to do?

Then I found out that hubby was enjoying reading my blog, and my daughters, daughter-in-law along with my granddaughter were reading it as well, making me feel like I had accomplished something.

My blog is not here to educate anyone, only to offer some crafting ideas, sewing projects and offer a place to take your mind off the stressful things in life.  But, I am happy that I do have a something to share with anyone that cares to read about it.

So, my blog will continue and I thank those of you that have taken an interest in me, along with my blog.


Now, back to business.

This weekend I’ll be participating in a craft-boutique sale—if it doesn’t rain.

One of my items to sell is this little girls apron that I made from a pattern.



The pattern is super easy for a beginner.DSCN4752

Thank you again for visiting my blog!♥♥♥♥





I’ve just finished a new apron using 2 dish towels again that I sewed together.  These aprons make so much sense to me because you don’t have to worry about wiping your hands on them.

Now I feel like baking something.

We have 2 small pomegranate trees and they’re ready for picking.  Our oldest daughter will soon come and take some home.  She loves the fruit and likes putting the arils in wine glasses when serving wine.


I hunted for a recipe using the fruit and actually found one that was easy enough to do and was quite  good.

It’s called Brenda’s Apple and Pomegranate Crisp and was on the Allrecipes site.

Here’s what you need:

4 apples, peeled, cored and sliced

1/2 cup pomagranate seeds

1/2 cup brown sugar

1 tablespoon cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon nutmeg

1/2 rolled oats

1/2 sugar

1/2 cup all purpose flour

1/2 cup unsalted butter

Preheat oven to 375 degrees and butter a 9 by 13 inch baking dish.

In a large bowl, toss together apples,pomagranate seeds, brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Spread evenly into prepared pan.  In the same bowl, stir together the oats, flour, and sugar. Rub in the butter with fingers (I used a fork)’ until the mixture resembles coarse crumbs.  Sprinkle on top of the fruit.

Bake 45 minutes in preheated oven or until apples are soft. Let stand 10 minutes before serving.

This was very simple and easy recipe, except for peeling the apples.

The pomegranate seeds do not add too much of a taste difference ( my opinion) except when you bite into a seed, but it was a tasty apple crisp.




The last picture was taken before I baked it in the oven.  Sorry to say I didn’t take a picture of the baked apple crisp, but it browned very nicely and then we ate it all up quite fast.


Thank you for visiting my blog.♥♥♥♥





I have always had an overactive sweet tooth. Loving sweets is my big vice and I believe I inherited this from my mother.

She loved baking early in the morning. I think she did her baking early because we did not have air conditioning when I was a young girl.

My mother would bake brownies, or cookies and sometimes cake.  She never used recipes, just whipped something up.

Another sinful treat was peanut butter mixed with Log Cabin syrup.  We stirred it up till it was creamy.  (I still do this when there is nothing else sweet to eat.)  Yummy!

A sweet treat that my kids have liked since they were in grammar school, is Chocolate Crackles.  This recipe has been in my recipe book for at least 30 years and I haven’t made it for at least 15 years.

So I put my baking apron on, not really, and decided to do some baking.  I just completed this apron and it was a royal pain to make.   Anyway, back to my baking.



Here is the recipe and it’s showing its age.


DSCN4444DSCN4436    DSCN4448    DSCN4451

The recipe also calls for walnuts, but my kids never liked nuts in their cookies, so I just left them out.♥♥♥♥


This is shirred fabric that I am using to make a sundress from.  Shirred meaning that it’s been gathered at the top and will stretch to fit your body.

All you have to do is get the right amount and then sew the one seam.

This is the easiest project ever for those that don’t sew, but wait until the fabric is on sale.

At my fabric store it was $24.00 a yard and I waited till it was half off.  Yes, I am a tight wad.

This will be my sundress for the summer, except that I will sew some straps on it. I’m a little too  young for the strapless look.



I have been waiting for my lovely daughters to come by so that they could model my last apron, but everyone has been so busy lately that I have to do the honors.


Since I am trying to build up my inventory I pinned another apron together.  This one is made from some of my old jeans.





I love my mannequin, I feel like I’m on Project Runway.♥♥♥♥



This is the pinned version of the apron.


My sis-in-law has called me twice to check up on the progress of the apron that I promised her.

Shamefully I had to admit that I hadn’t even started yet.

So, yesterday I made it a sewing day, and sew I did.

It’s not that I didn’t want to work on it, I just had so many other projects to work on.

And viola! This is the finished apron. ♥♥♥

It’s  just a touch different


Now it’s time for more unfinished projects!


And from my mean, vicious cactus, a lovely little flower.




This weekend was another one of those busy ones.

We managed an estate auction and yes, we bought “stuff”.  According to hubby it is “good stuff”. This was our very first one, quite interesting.

Another birthday party, our only granddaughter is a big  “11”.  Here they are doing a family tradition of sorts. We do treasure hunts.  They hunt for their party favors and the big kids (our grown children) write the clues. They’ve gotten quite imaginative in their clues.



In the process of doing these hunts, the little kids have learned to use a compass, so now they know their directions. They’ve learned to solve their clues as a group, helping each other.

Here they are searching for their next clue.

This would be great for adults as well.  Maybe searching for a bottle of wine, or a gift certificate, would sweeten the hunt.

But now it’s time to get busy and start sewing. My sister-in-law has asked me to make her an apron and I need your help.

I’ve pinned some aprons on my mannequin (Dorita) and can’t decide which one to make her.

This one  will be made from a recycled denim skirt with one pocket in the middle and trimmed with strawberry themed fabric.


The next one  will be made from dish towels and trimmed with turquoise fabric and another dish towel that looks like a bow attached to the front for wiping your hands.


They will look somewhat like the pictures, but I might change it up a little.

Please let me know in you comments, which you like. Your opinion is greatly appreciated.♥♥♥



A few years ago I decided to start buying the Target Christmas dinnerware; little did I know that they were going to discontinue the pattern. So all  that I was able to get was 4 salad plates and 4 saucers,  not even 1 cup could I find at any of the Target stores.  Each year I procrastinated about purchasing the pieces until it was too late.  My husband always scolds me when I say, “Oh, I’ll get it later.”, because later becomes never. How many of you have done that?

Well now I have to put them together with my depression glass, which looks ok, but I can’t really use them at Christmas time because there won’t be enough for the 12 of us.  Another lesson learned!


I posted about an apron a while back made with kitchen towels and I’m happy to say I finished sewing it.  I promised myself that I would wear aprons in the kitchen from now on because I have ruined many  of my tops with grease stains. One of my lovely daughters agreed to model the apron.  She looks ready to do my chores.


DSCN2493         DSCN2467

I had just picked some oranges and lemons, that have been out in this frosty weather, that we’ve had for 5 days.  So hopefully they’re still good enough to enjoy.

“Procrastination is  the thief of time.”–Edward Young

Happy November 1st.


Love my purple and yellow mums.

Many people are not aware that their public libraries offer many free programs, for children as well as for adults. The programs can be for crafts, for entertainment or they can be educational.

Before I retired from  the library I started a quilting program for our public.  Anyone could sign up, if interested, all they needed to bring was their supplies: fabric, scissors and thread, plus a needle. We meet once a month, the last Thursday of each month.

We hand sew the pieces together, but we can use the machine if we want to connect all the squares.

This was our first project. Not being a traditional quilter, it was quite a challenge for me, because my squares were not coming out all the same size. Trimming the squares was essential for uniformity and was very frustrating! We used the pattern called rail fence.

DSCN2001          DSCN2003

It’s not quite finished, I still need to sew on the binding.

Our new project will be something liked this.


The pattern is a little whacky, the cuts are not supposed to be all the same size and I’m not sure if I like it or not.  The colors that I will be using are pinks and greens, which I love, but they’re just not showing up with clarity in my picture.

Next is the apron I plan on making with dish towels and fabric.  I thought using terry dish towels would work well for wiping or drying hands, which for me would work great, since I am always using paper towels.  This would be a great way to save some trees!  And I’m not sure which fabric I’ll use.

DSCN2016   DSCN2012

Sewing mends the soul.

Unknown Author

Many years ago women wore aprons for cooking, and cleaning, now, not so much. I remember my mother wearing them all the time as she worked in the home.  Now aprons are more of a decoration, and I have  seen some lovely ones on Pinterest.

  At one point I was making aprons from recycled jeans, so  I decided to participate in a craft show , and thought  that my aprons  would be a big hit.  Well they were a big hit, in a way.  The people gave me many compliments and examined them very carefully, but then never even bought one.  I could hear them trying to figure out how I made them and tried to guess what part of the jeans I had used.  But still, not one person bought a single one. One person came back twice and looked at a certain apron. I could tell she was debating on what to do, well she finally walked away without the apron.

Disappointment turned into anger, but then I realized that I did the very same thing when I attended craft shows.  I’d always examine the item very carefully and then I’d say, ” Oh I can make that.” and walk away.  Actually, I still do this.  Well I guess the old saying is true; “What goes around, comes around.” Lesson learned!  But I’m not going to be discouraged and will now continue to make my aprons and see if I can do a little better.

DSCN1922                       DSCN1929

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