New Year’s Eve was quiet and filled  with just a few Mexican traditions. Our oldest daughter requested bunuelos for the evening.


Bunuelos are like tortillas that are rolled out very thinly and fried in hot oil, then cinnamon sugar is sprinkled on the tops. The dough is made a little differently and mine always comes out very sticky, making it hard to roll them out.

Even though they weren’t exactly round, they were crispy and tasty.

Usually Mexican people love their menudo on New Year’s Day, but hubby prefers pozole.

This was only my second time making it, but hubby really enjoyed it, so I’m hoping to make it more often in 2017.

dscn1608Hubby likes his pozole with onion, lemon and cabbage.

dscn1611I take mine with just cabbage.

Happy New Year!♥♥♥♥