Last Sunday we wanted to watch our great nephew play baseball, so we drove to a little town named Orosi, which is about 30 to 40 minutes away from us, where he was playing.

That meant driving through the countryside,  just like my dad would do when my mom wanted to go for a drive,  back in the 1950’s.  I loved those drives. That was our entertainment back in those days.

You have opportunities to see many old houses, little ranches, all the vineyards and orchards and of course cows, horses and occasionally  a little rodents that didn’t make it across the road.

We passed the old Minkler Cash Store, made famous in a 2010 shootout, where not far from the store two  law enforcement officers were killed.

Then we saw an old jalopy in the middle of a pasture.


As we were driving we passed a stand with a gentleman  selling his crafted wooden figures;  hubby made a quick  U-turn so that we could do some shopping. He bought me two wooden butterflies, which I hung in my garden.



When our kids were little we tried going for drives in the country but they thought it was very boring, as they squirmed and yawned the whole way.♥♥♥♥