We wanted to go on a little trip to the coast.

So hubby started to look for special deals.

He searched in the newspaper and voilá,  he found a coupon for the Cambria Pines Lodge, that also offered a free dinner entré with a complimentary bottle of their house wine. Yes, we are coupon clippers.

Cambria, Ca is the little seaside village we were traveling to, so off we went.

If you love gardens then this is your place.  There are many gardens on the grounds and each garden is separated by wooden gates.

As you walk through all the gardens you see many varieties of flowers and plants that offer peaceful settings.

I fell in love with the whole feeling of the resort.

There was a wishing well. Here’s hubby pretending to drink from the well.


Very unique birdhouses were scattered throughout the grounds.



They even had a bed in case you got tired.

DSCN0751We had a very nice time, but as usual good times come to an end and then it was time to go back home to our garden.

The dinner was delish and the wine was good, although I’m not much of a drinker.♥♥♥♥