I learned to sew as a little girl, making doll clothes by hand like my mom, except my work never looked like hers, with neat stitches that made the clothes look professionally sewn.

Although my daughters didn’t take up sewing, they’re talented in many other ways. So I’m trying to get my granddaughter interested in sewing.  I bought a new children’s sewing book to help her along.

She decided on a pillow project from the book.  We went shopping for fabric and she chose two bright colors, purple and lime green.

Here’s the finished pillow, I think she did a great job!



She has made a few items, including a very simple quilt top, using rectangles of different prints, which came out really cute.

It’s hard for sewing to compete with all the electronic apparatus that kids are using these days. ( my grandkids laugh when I use this word).   But I’ll keep trying to convince her that sewing is a fun hobby.