We frequently visit a particular Mexican restaurant whenever hubby craves a bowl of pozole (a Mexican soup) and I usually  will order migas, (pieces of corn tortillas fried with scrambled eggs).

The waitress that serves us has always asked hubby how he’s doing since having his back surgery,  always encouraging him and telling him to be positive.

On our last visit she confided in us that she might have cancer in her lung. The doctors have found a suspicious spot on her lung. This is her second time facing this disease. This young woman has been depressed and worried.

We told her not to succumb to negative thoughts and hubby told her that I had gone through a breast cancer lumpectomy and am  now a survivor.

She listened as I told her that to get through the whole experience  I kept thinking about all the young children who have had to suffer through their own cancers living in their tiny little bodies, yet they seem to be brave and willing to fight like little warriors against this ugly sickness, not knowing what the future has in store for them.

When we finished our meal and were ready to leave she came over and gave us both a hug, and I think she felt a little better.

This little pillow will be for her and hope she knows that we are here to support her.♥♥♥♥