I’m hoping that all veterans will get shown the respect they deserve.  Many have had to endure horrible experiences, and we really have no idea the pain they have suffered.


My own family has served. First there was my Uncle Felix, who served during WWII, my older brother Martin served in the Navy right after graduating from high school back in, I  believe 1959 and luckily there wasn’t a war at that time  My brother Ernie, who is a year older than I, was drafted during the Vietnam War  back in 1966. Those were frightening times for all of us.

God bless all the veterans!


I didn’t  have anything to use as a background so I made a red, white and blue pinwheel block. Being that I am not a traditional quilter,  I wasn’t sure if it would turn out. Well it did and might try making some more blocks.

Enjoy your day veterans and be proud!♥♥♥♥